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Program for professional audio processing, with the can route their audio streams of applications and devices, and edit.

With the Virtual Audio Cable Download you have the ability to edit audio Stremas between applications and / or devices and / or transfer. To this end, the program creates so-called virtual cables, each of which offers interfaces for input and output streams. Here, any application can send audio streams to both output interfaces, as received by input interfaces. By the Virtual Audio Cable Download practiced, digital data transmission takes place here no loss of quality instead.

Even more transmitters or receivers are possible

If more than one application sends audio streams to a furnished, virtual from the Virtual Audio Cable download cable, the respective streams are mixed together. Multiple recipients an audio stream sent to a virtual cable that is sent separately to each recipient.

Applications of Virtual Audio Cable Downloads

The Virtual Audio Cable Download is particularly well suited to transfer the audio output of applications such as audio players, instant messengers or synthesizers and edit it. One application of the program, for example, would send streams of two audio player in a virtual cable and then to a recording program such as Audacity resume-mixed output stream.

Virtual Audio Cable

Combined with ASIO4ALL Virtual Audio Cable can werden- also be used with ASIO supporting applications. Furthermore, the program can the output of applications that can not write to WAV files that not only save as Total Recorder, but even route. Virtual Audio Cable is required due to the fact that the tool itself is a virtual audio card, not even a hardware audio card.


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