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With the lottery ticket check Download controlling your lottery numbers is a breeze, because especially when you play with many lottery ranks quickly, the overview is lost.

Just when you participate in a big lottery syndicate and in many rows are to be checked, this can be a real Herculean task, is lost during the fast the overview. With this useful tool is taken you this work. You only need to enter your numbers into the program and wait for the contractions. The published figures are then loaded from the Internet and compared to your stored numbers. Have you achieved results, they will be highlighted in color, so you know directly, as have won many rows. The evaluations refer here to both draws, so both Mittwochs- - as well as Saturday Lotto. Not only the actual lottery numbers are evaluated but just drop the numbers for the additional games Game 77 and Super 6. Lotrtospieler, so that play a lot of notes should not do without this program, because it takes a lot of work, and you keep track, the program is upward compatible from Windows 2000 to Windows XP or Windows 7 and can be used free of charge as freeware from any interested party.

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