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With five daughters in tow, it took the Americans Roger and Carolyn Perron mission is to acquire a quiet house in the countryside and to transplant their family. In the winter of 1970 they were finally found it. In Harrisville (US state Rhode Iceland) Perrons came across the Old Arnold Estate, a farmhouse with a huge plot of land that had enough space for two spouses and five daughters. the Perrons had known what tortures they expect there, they would probably pulled headlong again, and fled into a 20m² apartment in the big city.


After some strange events that began on the day of the entry, Roger and Carolyn wanted her mysterious new accommodation get to the bottom. Later she found out that her cozy little house, which was built in 1736, already got to see one not to be underestimated share of infamy. Whether poisoning (self) murder or rape, the walls of their farm had seen it all.

Like the Perrons had soon find one so cruel past is not even a house over without a trace. The seven people had to deal with numerous paranormal phenomena, from harmless pranks to dangerous attacks. With the following situations Roger, Carolyn and her five daughters were confronted:

  • A female spirit that kept the kitchen clean
  • floating beds
  • A spirit which gave the children goodnight kisses
  • pushed the ghost of a little boy toy cars on the floor
  • Spirits that attracted the girls during the night to hair and legs
  • Ohrenzerschmetterndes banging on the front door, of course, also at night
  • A mind that at night kept the whole house with the loud cry "Mamaaa" awake

Away from the smaller spook deposits were coarser incidents. So the family will not reveal today what tricks has driven a (male) mind with the five little girls. After a while the family kept no longer there in their cozy home. So who they called?


Unfortunately, not the Ghostbusters, but Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal investigators who earn their bread since the early 1950s with the study of the supernatural. To date, the case of the Perron-house counts according to statements by Lorraine Warren as one of the scariest and most exciting cases that have seen her and her husband in a career of more than 10,000 paranormal investigations.

In the records of Warren's horror film is based "Conjuring - The Visitation" who worked from the year 2013 to the film both Lorraine Warren himself, and Andrea Perron, one of the daughters of the Perron family. Both women could enrich the film production with witnesses firsthand. For the release of the film is still a debate about the authenticity of the case spread, as is inevitable in paranormal phenomena.

TRU2_Conjuring_3The authenticity of the Indiana Jones movies is still controversial.

An editor page Horror-Movies.ca started a discussion about the fiction and reality of the screenplay and subsequently received by Andrea Perron an email in which she commented on the incidents that plagued her and her family for over 10 years.

"There is no conceivable way to condense, what we as a family endured in the farm house into a two-hour motion picture but James captured the essence o fit and for this I will remain eternally grateful. There are liberties taken and a few discrepancies but overall, it is what it claims to be - based on a true story, believe it or not ".

"There is no possible answer to record the experiences of our family on the farm in a two-hour movie, but James the essence is well made and for that I am eternally grateful to him. Although some liberties were taken and there are discrepancies, but overall the film is exactly what it claims to be, that is based on a true story, whether one believes it or not. "

There you have it, a ghost story with an extra dash of reality.

Is there anything worse? Oh yes, because the worst beast in the world is still the man himself ...