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After February 28, yesterday, today is not about the March 1 but the 29th of February. 2016 but is therefore not only the year in which sports fans can look forward to the European Football Championship in France and the Olympics in Rio, also represents a leap year. In our guide you learn why there is actually leap years, which under a "leap year "means and when the next dates are.

During a normal year has 365 days, a leap year to 366 days. This means that employees have to work in February a day longer, until it is finally content and students must bring an additional school day behind on Monday 29 February, before the Easter holidays in sight.

calculate leap year and the meaning

  • For leap years instead of every four years. The three years in between are called "common year".
  • Then February, the shortest month of the year, added to 29 February an additional day.
  • In the Roman calendar the "Februarius" was regarded as the last month of the year. Therefore, the extra leap day was placed on the end of this month.
  • An astronomical year (a tropical year or solar year), so the amount of time the earth needs to once revolve around the sun, does not take exactly 365 days, but about 365.24219 days and 365 days and six hours.
  • This just 0.24 extra days give every four years an extra day.
  • Would the additional days absent from the calendar, the seasons would move in the calendar.
  • The leap day brings the actual calendar on the state of the solar calendar.
  • Due to the small difference there are also the four-year cycle Exceptions to leap years.
  • To compensate for minimal variations between calendar time and the solar year, also leap seconds are inserted.
  • The last leap second, there were 2015, then the night lasts from June 30 to July 1, a second longer.


calculate leap year: Leap years respectively divisible by 4. The exceptions are the years that are divisible by 100. If the year is divisible by 400. However, at the same time, eg. B. 2000, 2400 or 2800, there will be a leap year, even in such years.


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Leap Year 2016. Google can jump the Bunny

Google takes today, special day as an opportunity to place once again a Google doodle on the home page. Temperatures outside let it not yet appear, but on the search engine No.1 bounce today shcon the hare. While two bunnies still enjoying their winter sleep, coming out of nowhere a third animal with the inscription &# 8220; 29&# 8243; for today February 29, the day of the leap year in 2016, herangehoppelt, only to have it then to make between the two sleepers continue sleeping.

leap year-google

Leap Year 2016: List of events

The dates for the next Schaltahre:

2012February 29, 2012
2016February 29, 2016
2020February 29, 2020
2024February 29, 2024
2028February 29, 2028
2032February 29, 2032
2036February 29, 2036
2040February 29, 2040
2044February 29, 2044
2048February 29, 2048
2052February 29, 2052
2056February 29, 2056
2060February 29, 2060
2064Feb. 29, 2064
2068February 29, 2068
2072February 29, 2072
2076February 29, 2076
2080February 29, 2080
2084Feb. 29, 2084
2088February 29, 2088
2092February 29, 2092
2096February 29, 2096

The last leap year 2012 brought some computer systems to falter. On February 29, we learn that the technical equipment of the deviation can withstand this time.

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