What is spoolsv.exe – and it’s safe?

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In reviewing your system you are "spoolsv.exe" on the file named encountered and now wondering whether this is malware or not even worse? We clarify the question for you.

What is spoolsv.exe - and it's safe?
process namePrint and fax spooler
safetyFollow the instructions, largely harmless

One caution: The spooler "spoolsv.exe" is harmless in itself, but it may also be malicious software, especially act backdoors. To exclude this case, we recommend to check if they are located in the folder C: \ Windows \ system32. it does not, it is highly likely that malware -> Annoying malware and brake system remove CCleaner for Windows 7

What is spoolsv.exe

The spooler service is responsible for the temporary swap and buffering (= spooling) of print or fax jobs responsible. &# 8220; spoolsv.exe&# 8221; among other things, responsible for ensuring that you can continue working on your computer while printing, or fax job are processed in the background.

After printing or fax jobs have been executed, spoolsv.exe closed again by the system.

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How do I know if spoolsv.exe is a pest

The spooling process takes sometimes a lot of CPU usage to complete, but should take not more than 90% of the demand. Do you find ie in the Task Manager a huge increase in usage by spoolsv.exe before, you should assume that this is a backdoor, a Trojan or other malware at work.

Confirmed malware that can change the Registry Windows to impersonate spoolsv.exe, for example:

  • Backdoor.Ciadoor.B
  • Hacktool.Privshell
  • VBS.Masscal.Worm (vbs)
  • Troj / GrayBird-A

So you checked the authenticity of spoolsv.exe

To check whether it is in an ongoing process spoolsv a threat, you can perform a simple test in the system query:

  1. Make your way to the Start menu and returns to Run
  2. Now give the following line:
Task List / svc

You will receive an overview of all current services and their origin. You see including a spoolsv operation outside System32 you can assume that your computer is infected by malware and take the necessary countermeasures.