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In darknet buy drugs: Is that even possible? If you look at the media coverage of the topic on the Internet, one could get the impression that the darknet is a gold mine for drugs and illegal substances. But is that really all that simple, as always behaupet in the Internet culture? And what about the offer? We clarify.

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Who earlier wanted to get his material, needed either the right connections or the courage to go into the dark corners of the city. There just where dealers, petty criminals and other nocturnal creatures were staying. Generally meets the still to &# 8211; On the other hand, we now live in the 21st century, are all networked and spend anyway more time online than in &# 8220; Real Life&# 8221 ;. What could be more natural than to get to his drugs online? Exactly this option is now probably a reality: the Internet &# 8211; it is, at least &# 8211; you can buy drugs in the darknet. Is that correct?

On the subject: What is the darknet?

The darknet is in contrast to the normal Internet and Deep Web is a peer-to-peer network, that is, the connection is made directly to another computer and has to be established manually. The best-run call on the Tor browser .onion the darknet sides with the special extension can &# 8211; the so-called Onion sites. The advantage of this method is that the users surf the Web anonymously compared to normal &# 8211; IP addresses, search histories or transactions that are executed can not be saved or traced. The darknet is not illegal per se but is often misused for illegal purposes, due to the far-reaching anonymity.

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buy drugs in darknet: Is this really mean?

Therefore, for this reason, trade in illegal products and goods has actually developed &# 8211; besides weapons and counterfeit money, of course, drugs. The vendors sell their goods on online portals that are similar in structure to legitimate providers such as Amazon and Zalando. Products are listed by category, buyers evaluate the individual provider, some there are even discount offers similar to Black Friday Amazon. is paid for mostly with the virtual cryptocurrency Bitcoins, which also guarantee the anonymity of the user.

Drug trafficking darknetThe sale on the net currently accounts for only a small part of the drug trade.

In a survey from 2015, the Insider Blog Deepdotweb listed various active marketplaces for drugs along with the respective offered in line products:

  1. Alphabay - 75375 Product Listings
  2. Nucleus Marketplace - 29783 Product Listings
  3. Crypto Market - 18722 Product Listings
  4. Dream Market - 17747 Product Listings
  5. Valhallah - 6361 Product Listings
  6. Dr. D&# 8217; s Multilingual Market - 4839 Product Listings
  7. Hansa Market - 4404 Product Listings
  8. East India Company - 3793 Product Listings
  9. Darknet Heroes League - 3507 Product Listings
  10. Python - 3497 Product Listings

Here, too, one can observe an effect that is also used in legal online trading into play: The largest provider alphabay has about as many product listings as the next four candidates Mitt together. Parallel to the top dog in the Amazon legal online world come to mind.

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Which drugs are sold in the darknet?

The offer in the darknet is not significantly different from the &# 8220; real&# 8221; World. To the crypto-marketplaces is especially with Marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and speed traded. There are also prescription medications, especially painkillers, sedatives and potency pills. Sellers of illegal substances in the darknet frequently emphasize that the products of relatively high quality. Reason is the rating feature that could be valued at the purchaser your dealer &# 8211; who collect many bad reviews, could soon be nothing left to sell.

To what extent this is a simple marketing promises or actually corresponds to the truth, can be assessed only poorly as a seller, of course. It is clear that the purchase of drugs, of course, is a serious crime on the Internet. The middlemen may still so much emphasize their seriousness &# 8211; ultimately it is criminals, involving one's own gain and not the good of the customer. After all, even reputable studies such as the Global Drug Survey is conducted annually come to the conclusion that drug trafficking in the darknet would also have positive effects. were mentioned here include:

  • Less risk from violence
  • Less contaminated drugs
  •  Greater confidence in product quality
  • Migration of street trade

What a little goes in the debate: Meanwhile, you have not even go to the darknet to buy drugs. Because of gaps in the narcotics act drug dealers, different drugs as &# 8220; legal highs&# 8221; sell or so-called bath salts completely open by Google and others. These drugs are in spite of the name &# 8220; legal&# 8221; not less harmful than traditional substances.

darknet ScreenshotThrough his anonymity darknet has supposedly perfect protection for online criminals &# 8211; but investigators have succeeded many blows in recent months.

What does the trade in drugs on the net?

Although the drug trade in the darknet is currently eyeing particularly accurately by the media &# 8211; compared with the real world of online sales of drugs currently makes only a small proportion of disappearing. Therefore, the assessment that drug trafficking in the darknet is particularly widespread is wrong &# 8211; at the moment it is still a very small niche, but one with growth potential. This is the conclusion of a new study by the Rand Corporation: Thus, the turnover of crypto markets amounts of drugs to about 12.6 to 18.7 million euros a month. By comparison, the revenues from drug trafficking in &# 8220; Real Life&# 8221; about two billion euros is &# 8211; say, drug trafficking in the darknet has a proportion of less than one per thousand.

Perhaps this the high turnover of illegal online shops plays a role: Old platforms disappear or be unmasked and closed (for example, the infamous Silk Road in 2013 or the drugs market Shiny flakes of a Leipzig &# 8220; Nursery dealer). new suppliers emerge periodically &# 8211; a consolidation is very difficult under these conditions. In addition, the authorities proceed increasingly resolute against the cyber criminals: In recent months there have been repeated arrests of online drug dealers.

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