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Laurence, the first vicar, is an optional bosses in Blooborne: The Old Hunters and basically a souped-up version of the cleric-beast. Especially the nasty fire attacks make this fight a real challenge. In our boss guide with video, we show you how you can defeat even Laurence.

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probably Laurence the first boss, which you will encounter, but then you can not fight him as their one special item must have in your inventory to initiate this optional battle. We show you where to find this subject, and give you a Boss Guide with different strategies at hand. In the video below you can see the entire boss battle in New Game +.

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Bloodborne &# 8211; The Old Hunters: Laurence, the first vicar in Boss Guide

Laurence is located in the cathedral of Nightmare the hunter. Just at the point where you can expect in the main game vicar Amelia as bosses. At your first visit Laurence is lying motionless on the throne. To start the fight with him, you need the object Laurence's skull. This gets her as follows:

  1. After fighting Ludwig, the cursed, if you in research Halle with the Eye Trailer the elevator is activated and high ride upward ride then directly back down.
  2. Activates the elevator, but not ride back up, but remains on the same floor.
  3. The elevator moves up and Altar with Laurence's skull is revealed.
  4. Ride even one floor below her to the altar, you can put you out of there treasure chest, the &# 8220; Old Hunters&-Waffe; # 8221 Church cannon grab.

With the skull in the luggage you can now in the cathedral back to where you arrive after a cutscene and boss fight starts.

On the altar of the lower level of the elevator you can find Laurence's skull.On the altar of the lower level of the elevator you can find Laurence's skull.

So you have defeated Laurence, the first Vicar

that opponent has the same move set as the cleric-beast, the first optional boss in bloodborne. However, Laurence possesses strong fire attacks and a completely different repertoire in the 2nd phase of the fight. You can you help in the form of NPC Valtr get for this fight. His lantern to summon located in front of the stairs leading to the cathedral. Below, we give you Tips for the two phases of the struggle.

First phase

In the first phase of the battle almost one similar: one fighting the cleric-beast. Shall observe the following tips in combat course.

  • Laurence opened the fight always where he rams with the same attack his strong left arm into the ground and shortly thereafter space explosion triggers. So here goes at a safe distance.
  • Trying to circle him on the side of his strong left arm and put a few blows over again. Hold on too long never directly in front of him, as he sometimes swings back his arm to grab you and slam on the floor.
  • On medium and long distances, you should not remain in this fight, since Laurence has too high reach with his punches.
  • His strongest attack consists of a Triple combo of punches, which you should alternate left and right to dodge under his arms.
  • It's worth your to focus on beats one of his legs. This can cripple her so quickly, which briefly stunned him and wreaks her extra damage. After a short time Laurence then becomes a healing animation begin.
Laurence spreads his arms as he tries to grab you.Laurence spreads his arms as he tries to grab you.

second phase

at about 50% remaining life energy Laurence breaks lower body away and he moves only by crawling forward. He leaves a trail of lava behind him running from his torso. The following tips will help you here.

  • Keep yourselves in attacks only at his side on. Behind him, you hurt his Lavaausfluss and before him, he covers you too much with wild blows one.
  • A good way to attack lends itself when Laurence attaches and lava spews. He does this for a few seconds and allows you to attack at his side the chance.
  • Pay attention to the 180-degree flip Laurence, who announced in a longer animation.
During the second phase, only the edge is a safe place for strikes.During the second phase, only the edge is a safe place for strikes.

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Loot and Achievement

As a reward for winning you get the Caryll Rune Embrace the Beast. In addition, it follows trophy unlocks.

Bloodborne success Laurence, the first VicarLaurence, the first Vicarbronze
Defeated the Beast, formerly Laurence, the first vicar.

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