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With the free download of the lease template you have the right document on the computer to record agreements for the rental of residential spaces writing. The lease can be edited on the PC and filled with their own data as well as printed.

The free lease agreement template can be edited with Word, Open Office or a similar program.


Lease: Free template for download

All in the form of eleven different points assembles describing the tenancy detail. The template consists of:

  1. Agreements on the rental property
  2. rent period
  3. rent
  4. Payment of rent and utilities
  5. deposit
  6. Limitation of liability of the lessor
  7. Use of the rooms
  8. Majority of tenants
  9. Minor repairs, cosmetic repairs
  10. Writing, severability clause
  11. other agreements

Of course, you are free to supplement the presentation of individual dots individually, or modify existing points to delete. After all necessary data, including the address of the apartment and the price of the rent have been completed, you can print out and sign the lease in duplicate (for tenant and landlord). The following data must u. a. be entered:

  • Name landlords and tenants
  • property
  • duration
  • Rental price

Download free lease

The download of the lease is free. With the form you saves you when writing a new lease time and can soon be the entry into a new apartment plan, or welcome new tenants. This eliminates poring over legal literature, to leave a nailed fixed lease.

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