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How good are the chances of Bibi and Tina 5? The fourth part of the massively popular teen movie series comes on 23 February to the movies. Director Detlev Buck sends the two leading ladies Lina Larissa Strahl and Lisa-Marie Koroll again into the race to win the favor of the audience and it is already foreseeable that that will again succeed with flying colors it. But what comes next? Are Bibi and Tina slowly but surely too old for another sequel? Or has a fifth part but a chance?

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With Bibi and Tina films director Detlev Buck is a real find success. All three parts were a great success, the two leading ladies Lina Larissa Strahl and Lisa-Marie Koroll are currently the undisputed Queens of the youth film. With a mixture of fantasy comedy, contemporary youth drama, musical numbers and lots of winking Bibi and Tina have captured the hearts of most peers fans. Also in the newest part of Bibi and Tina: hullabaloo Total will be &# 8211; but as of now, fans ask: What comes next? Will Bibi and Tina 5 (and beyond perhaps more films). Or threatens the end for one of the success stories of German film in recent years?

Bibi and Tina 5How good are the chances of a fifth installment of the popular Bibi and Tina series?

Bibi and Tina 5: If another sequel?

To be honest, the chances of even a continuation of Bibi and Tina series from the start were not particularly good: Financial success at the box-office or not &# 8211; Lina Larissa Strahl and Lisa-Marie Koroll are both 19 years old, are in the movies but at the same time embody 15-year-old girls. Clear &# 8211; with a lot of make-up and modern animation techniques can be rausholen lot. In the end, however, was anticipated that the two girls grow out slowly but surely out of their role.

In an interview with the Bild newspaper early 2017 director Detlev Buck announced as well that it will definitely not make another film with Bibi and Tina. Buck: &# 8220; For me there is no fifth part of Bibi & give Tina '. Lina and Lisa have completed their school and will start to life without Bibi and Tina. Since then someone else Spiderman or Batman needs to be. So to do that yet.&# 8221; According to Buck there were girls against boys considerations after the very successful third part to end the series &# 8211; the film had in Germany in 2016 more than two million viewers and was the most successful film of the year. Nevertheless, to make another film, you still decided &# 8211; that was it then also.

Look at this video to see what Lina and Lisa say about the future of the series:

Bibi and Tina 5: say Lina and Lisa to the off

Meanwhile the two main actresses Lina Larissa Strahl and Lisa-Marie Koroll have expressed their exit from Bibi and Tina. Although it was a bit Sad, On the other hand you would have known in advance that this time is the last time. Lina: &# 8220; We had thought about it after the third part is that it now comes to an end soon. The final party at that time was a kind of closure for us. But then came again the request for the fourth part. So we knew this time purely from the front, that's the last part will be.&# 8221;

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Still, it is natural hard to say goodbye. &# 8220; We're now older and adult, so we can deal with it quite well. Therefore, it was not so emotional and bad as we had thought before, but sadly it is natural anyway, also because we may not turn so quickly with Detlev Buck&# 8230;&# 8221; said Lisa when asked what the last common film for its interpretation. For the future, this name is above all that &# 8220; we now have to fame of this free up and do our own thing,&# 8221; said Lisa. &# 8220;Now we want to be perceived independently.&# 8221; 

Bibi and Tina 5 release dateSad: After the fourth part is definitely an end to Bibi and Tina in its present form.

Bibi and Tina 5 perhaps without Lina and Lisa?

We keep our fingers crossed that the well succeed that way. For the future of Bibi and Tina series that is currently but probably that we so fast no other See movie. It is conceivable, though, the films even without the leading ladies (and without Detlev Buck as a director) to continue. but somehow we can not imagine really the &# 8211; the success of the film is partly due to the absolutely superb matching actors. Secondly, the witty scripts Buck come personally &# 8211; So the films are also to some extent his baby.

Bibi and Tina 5Goodbye, Bibi and Tina &# 8211; if there should go sometime, then with other actors and a new director.

Once there is news on the future of Bibi and Tina, you read it of course at this point. If you still looking for an alternative to the popular film series, you should take a definitely watch the movie Wendy closer, who recently started off in our cinema.

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