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True to the motto "snap 'it to you! All" has reached approximate perfection in no time a player of Success App Pokémon GO. He has captured all Pokémon that can be found in the US.

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A few weeks ago it is only that Pokémon GO was first released. An almost unimaginable fact that there was a time without the app and Internet filters such as Pokémon GO away were not needed. Today the pocket monsters on everyone's lips and almost all phones that meet the minimum requirements are. Pokémon hunters all over the world are trying to put into action and to catch many Pokémon as only at all possible the motto of the Games. And now has actually done it. He has not yet all but captured all Pokémon despite server problems that exist in the US.

These are the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon GO

This was achieved by the Reddit users ftb-hodor, who has published a screenshot of his performance. Overall, he called 142 Pokémon his own, of 151 which gave a total in the first generation. 153.2 km having passed through the states in order to enter this success for themselves. The nine missing pocket monsters can not be caught in the US to date. Five of them, because they are not yet available, three because they are only found in other regions. Namely the Porenta are (exclusively for Asia), Mr. Mime (exclusive for Europe) Kangama (exclusive to Australia) and the five not fangbaren Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo Ditto. The last pocket monster in question is Mew, from which it is not known whether it will ever part of the app.

Pokémon GOdownloadQR codePokémon GODeveloper: Niantic, Inc.Price: Free

Pokémon GOdownloadQR codePokémon GODeveloper: Niantic, Inc. *Price: Free

You yourselves can for some time also on large hunting with Pokémon GO go, can you download the app for iOS and Android. And the totally free even if fake sites claim in the future, the opposite.

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