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Since anyone can be at home not constantly, but do not want to drive for each package separately to the post office itself has a packing station as the delivery address on outright. Zalando supports this type of reception and also helps us even.

But there are some things you have to consider or be changed by the use of a packing station. We must of course indicate the packing station as the address, but it also changes something about the ordering process.

Zalando specify a packing station as a delivery address

Zalando offers us to manage multiple addresses in the basic settings of our account. We can, for example, Enter a billing address and a shipping address, giving as many different information.

Enter zalando packstationZalando offers delivery to packing stations or post offices

So to specify a packing station or optionally a post office as the delivery address, we log first one at Zalando. Then we are in the overview of the user account. In the lower area, we see a billing address and a field for a shipping address. These addresses are usually the same. we want here to specify a different shipping address, the following steps shall be executed:

  1. On the link &# 8220; Create new shipping address&# 8221; click.
  2. In the next window a hook at &# 8221; deliver your order to a packing station&# 8221; put. This is also true when the packet should go to a post office.
  3. In the middle of the fields, either a postal number (the number of the post office) or the number of a packing station type. we can both find disclosures on the Packstation finder of DHL, which is linked directly below.
  4. Finally a hook at &# 8220; Use as my shipping address&# 8221; and save everything.

Now you can select the delivery to this address during the order. Then everything goes to the logistics and from the Zalando warehouse in Erfurt the product is launched. That is also the right place if you want to save with discount offers at Zalando.

Pack Station as Zalando shipping address &# 8211; Please note

From the logistics side is shipping to an address different from the billing address, no problem at all. However, a few other problems may arise here. If a commodity is not sent to the same address as an invoice, who can guarantee or prove that the customer or invoice recipient has received the goods? In theory it would be possible that a customer claims to have never received the goods.

DHL pack station finderProper packing station for Zalando Orders can be found at DHL

For this reason, Zalando will change the order process in any case, if the two addresses are not identical. Then the customer has the option of a Payment on account at Zalando select! All other Zalando payment remain unaffected. Because technically it is with any other payment method is a payment in advance. This needs to be considered so if it has neither a credit card nor a PayPal account. Then you can in fact only pay with a Zalando- voucher or by bank transfer. The latter delays the delivery ever up to a week.

New customers can specify different addresses equal at Zalando way, &# 8211; un get also still the same discount.