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In NBA 2K16 you can create you your own superstar and undergo an NBA player's career. Here you can create your own image or your exact make you a meter taller and a few kilos heavier. However, you must first complete story caused some games before you can play in the NBA. So you can bring as a center from the start your A-game, we have some tips in this guide for you.

The story in NBA 2K16 has little own design options for you. It is important therefore more likely to put your skills on the court to prove. So why have you now for a Big Man decided the zone is your home. Prevent attacks the opposing team, think through your offense rebounds alive or balls scuttled. A helpful point when creating your Star center, einFokus is the athleticism. Other skills can you calmly later expand. Get to know even 10 tips for a successful career in NBA 2K16.

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The ultimate center in NBA 2K16

Once you start NBA 2K16, you can start creating your player. Here starts your (or Spike Lees) History, with which you will gain a lot of fans very quickly.

the Body

Make sure that your Big Man is not too large. Of course, it may be advantageous to have a huge player, but it would get you deductions in athletics. therefore more likely to take a size of about 2:10 to 2:15 meters (7 feet). Thus, you are present and yet still somewhat agile. Your Star should also Strength and mass entail. Selects best a body weight of about 110 to 120 Kg the maximum.

As specialization, we recommend you the Inside scorer. You will often find the Dunk or attack in the post-Up. Throws from a distance are unlikely.

The road to professional league

Before you can enter the most demanding basketball league in the world, you've got to only recommend it in high school and college. Especially as a center you will have this is not very difficult. The opponents are no great challenge and your position makes you very dominant.

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but makes sure that your Draft ranking your taste corresponds. Of course it is tempting to get a high position. But this can lead to her as Rookie not many Minutes per game gets. Thereby it can happen, that you present your season stats build a wall in a bad area and they can severely increase. If you will drafted, you should try to get that to strong Big Man has a team. This you can quickly into the Starting Five rise and much playing time receive.

The skills of your Star Center

As already mentioned, should draw on the athleticism of your player it your main focus. This ability odt much cheaper than other areas and you can as an athlete to offset other skills. Through your size you can rebounds and blocks land, as it depends heavily on the correct timing. Moreover, since their stamina and faster due to the specialization. The improved endurance you will receive, in good score even more Minutes per game.


Your secondary focus should be on the expansion of the Inside-scoring lie. Thereby to upload your Post-ability expand, which can be an enormously important part of your game. A pair of investments can you also Defense do. Later in the game you can Buy buffs which you make a short time even more so a dominant opponent Center Do not just push them out of the way. Also Jump Shooter can be helpful. While you should avoid long-distance jump shots, but your Free throw ability is increased and this is extremely important.

All badges as you unlock them and their effect in NBA 2K16.

The way of playing with the NBA 2K16 Big Man

Of course it is not just the values ​​that you can be a legend. Also learn ways of playing so that you may obtain more security.

On the offensive

Your goal should be to land as many and spectacular dunks. Uses this as the classic Pick &# 8216; n Roll. In this turn it is the ball carrier your team a block, so that his defender can strip of you. Now, if your defense on your teammates to run, to help out in the defensive, the path for you is usually free and you can get into the air. Should you not be able to dunk, you will also fouled frequently and have the chance to points by free throws.


also uses your Pump Fake, run wherewith ye your defenders into space or even more effective draw a foul can. This is especially useful if you want to give her space under the basket. You do this by running her on your back and as soon as the controller starts to vibrate due to the touch, you can the defender to either side relegate. now presses directly Sprint button to opposite direction and calls for a pass. Now you have to complete their course.

points by rebounds is the third currency. Will seek to ensure that their a maximum of three seconds in the zone are allowed before a turnover caught.

On the defensive

To gain rebounds, it is particularly important to your timing at. The attributes are not of striking importance. You are big and have good timing &# 8211; then you hear the rebound. The secret is: later is better! The chance that you do not get the ball is greater if you jump too soon. Through your size you can partially automatically come to success in a late jump.


Your second main task is blocking. Here, too, you have to get a feel, so that your timing pulverized the enemy offensive. Tried also with your direct Match-Up more likely to have some distance. They are usually not very good thrower and rubbing each other lowered your speed and reaction.

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