Final Fantasy 15: The Totomostro Arena – All about the monster bets

In Final Fantasy 15 there is a secret mini-game: Totomostro. This is about Monster competitions, in which you can complete their bets and thus receive special rewards. The Totomostro Arena is hidden somewhere. We show you in this article where you may be able find out what rewards are there and what you should know too Totomostro in FF 15 otherwise.

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Unlike other Mini-games Final Fantasy 15, you will not be at Totomostro active themselves, but you can simply place a bet and the monsters begin to mutually pursue the skull like Justice Monsters Five must. During the Totomostro games can you different you Monster Fight See and Galviano chips win, which can be exchanged for powerful rewards, such as accessories her.

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Final Fantasy 15: find Totomostro and Galviano Arena

Before you 15 will fortunately players in Final Fantasy, you have the For Galviano Arena. that ye For Totomostro can, you have the Northeastern ALTISSIA. There, you should after a Stop (Listro Park South) for gondolas Keeping an eye out. ride the gondola her over a water channel directly to Galviano Arena. There appear monsters in teams against each other and you have the opportunity to Galviano chips to put on one of the teams. There are different odds, determining the amount of your prize.

Final Fantasy 15 totomostroSo it cruises comfortably in profit gambling den in Final Fantasy 15th

If you lose a game, there is no gain. Is it a draw, do they exist chips back. This can ye buy before for Gil. Here are 10 Gil a Galviano chip value. When Totomostro there is not only a lot of valuable rewards, but you can also very much lose Gil. High odds may be attractive, but do not be too stingy. namely You can share your happiness &# 8220; modify&# 8221 ;. Saves the Game, before the game starts and upload it again if need be, if you should have lost.

Final Fantasy 15 TostromonstroIn the right bets you can win a lot of Galviano chips.

Once you have some Galviano chips have in the account, you can redeem yourself the following prizes:

profitsdescriptionGalviano chips
Alpha TuskCan be used as Ars-tertiae catalyst (high Duplizierungspotential) or sold as valuable asset for 1700 Gil.2500
Coeurl WhiskerCan be used as death catalyst (high Duplizierungspotential) or sold as valuable asset for 1500 Gil.7500
turbocharger UltraCar accessories, which increases your speed.15,000
silver bandYou gain much more LP. (See Accessories)34,000
Grand Master: TyphonBaits: Vibration Lure45,000
LlymlaenImproved reel for fishing.85,000
precision lanceA lance with high critical hit chance.120000
executorA gun with high critical hit chance.180000
Celluna RoeA cooking ingredient, which also serves as a catalyst or can be sold for 50,000 gil.240000
Color Catalog masterclassAn ink catalog for your Regalia (type F).360000
Big BangA new design for your regalia.450000
Diamond BraceletIncreases your strength considerably.1250000
Magitek generatorCar accessories, which lowers the Bezinverbrauch to zero.3600000

Totomostro: Tips to teams and odds

There is no clear recipe for endless Galviano chips, but with a few tricks you can a little more out of you. Are some willing to take risks, but not too risky. it is important for this is that their chance of winning assess good. For that you have to consider the value of the struggle. The higher this is, the more there is to win. However, it is also likely that you will lose.

The right team in Totomostro

As you should already be encountered in achieving ALTISSIA some monsters, you can certainly assess their strengths and weaknesses well. Considering therefore in which the individual monsters are particularly good and can auskontern any benefits of their opponents. The fights run either in team battles or group battles in which it can happen that a single creature against a group takes up the other. therefore pay attention to the Stage of the single fighter. If it is significantly higher than that of the opponents have to win their good chances.

Totomostro Final Fantasy 15A high level can make your creature to be successful against several weaker opponents.

Thus defeating the Behemoth King in FF XV!

Before the fight you see three blue arrows, those who Form of struggle of the team Show. Here you can already remember which group it sets the Galviano chips. Once the fight started, you can a little with so-called Gryda noisemakers intervene in combat action and your monster even heal. Checked before the fight, the Constitution of the counterparty and is based on the best horse.

Insert Gryda noisemakers correct: Totomostro battles

Even at the gondola station you can you for a couple of Gil Gryda noisemakers to buy. These have different effects on your monster and can be used during combat. Some of them reinforce your favorites for example. Here are the different variants and their effects:

SurnameeffectGil Award
Gryda of valorHeal your monster.Available from the beginning.
Gryda cleaningRemoves all negative states.8000
Gryda savageryattack power greatly increased, but decreases the defense.18,000
Gryda toughnessThe defense team strength is increased.24,000
Gryda of CourageIncreases attack power of the team.30,000

Sets the horns a wise and you do win big!

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