Indiana Jones Hat: The original purchase online and order – Where does it work?

You want to order the real Indiana Jones hat and buy online, best yet, along with the matching leather jacket and whip? The Internet can be found next Amazon numerous offers where you can buy the hat of the famous adventurer in the world &# 8211; but is not always Indiana Jones in it, where Indiana Jones it says. We show you what you should look for when your shopping trip.

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What would Indiana Jones without his leather hat? Probably not the film legend of today. Since the last film, although some years have already gone by and if you are honest, Indy is currently not exactly ubiquitous in pop culture. Nevertheless, the man with the hat is still absolute cult &# 8211; understandable that many fans want to get the same outfit. On the Internet, that's actually possible &# 8211; especially the hat is highly coveted by fans. But what must make you really, if you want to buy an Indiana Jones hat?

Buy Indy hat onlineWithout his hat Indy is only half as cool.

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Indiana Jones hat is a so-called Fedora hat, so a soft felt hat. Such hats were very popular, especially in the first half of the 20th century: When George Lucas thought up the Indiana Jones character, he took accordingly the heroes of old movies like &# 8220; The Treasure of the Sierra Madre&# 8221; for example, even in terms of the outfit. Lucas worked here together with the costume designer Deborah Nadoolman, who thought up the look for the rough-adventurer. His vision: &# 8220; he had to have a hat that one could already recognize the Sillouette.&# 8221;

Indiana Jones Fedora PoetIndiana Jones hat of London's hat-maker Herbert Johnson.

After several attempts we finally agreed on the London milliner Herbert Johnson &# 8211; a traditional manufacturer who makes hats since the 18th century. Which model served as a model for the Indiana Jones hat, today is not quite clear &# 8211; the responsible manager Richard Swales, who endowed the actor Harrison Ford at the time, but stated for the record that this is the model &# 8220; Poe&# 8221; acted.

It is this model is the model of the many that can be bought in various online stores today Indiana Jones hats.

The exact dimensions of the Indiana Jones hat

If you want to buy a faithful Indiana Jones hat, you should take particular care that the hat has the following dimensions:

Width: 18.4 cm (Size 58)
Brim (front & rear): 6.9 cm
Brim (side): 6,6 cm
hat band: 3,9 cm

Where can you buy the Indiana Jones Fedora?

On the Internet there are numerous ways to buy a hat in the style of Indiana Jones. First stop for many is likely to be naturally well-known online retailer Amazon. There is actually an Indy-felt hat in the original look *Indiana Jones Hat: The original purchase online and order - Where does it work? &# 8211; you are doing and get a high-quality processed ended and authentic-looking hat for around 150 euros.

Indiana Jones hat Product Image you get a send Indy hat at Amazon for just under 150 euros.*

Slightly cheaper is the Indy Costume hat *Indiana Jones Hat: The original purchase online and order - Where does it work?- he is indeed rather for Carnival, but costs just under 30 euros.

Of course you can also pick equal to the original Herbert Johnson Model Poe set &# 8211; with around 200 euros is not cheap guard, but he looks very authentic. On request, the hat also in different versions depending on the film in which the alert occurred.

Another good alternative is the Australian distributor Hats Direct. The Federation IV Fedora based in appearance on hats from before the Second World War and is very close to close in on the original Indy look. Upon request you can buy the hat in different colors and sizes.

Those who prefer a proper style, lies down the same course still the appropriate Indiana Jones leather jacket *Indiana Jones Hat: The original purchase online and order - Where does it work? to. Read also with us, as the current state of affairs at Indiana Jones 5 looks.

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Image Sources: Amazon, Lucasfilm, Herbert Johnson


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