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2013 Ender's Game was published - The big game in the German cinemas. With Viola Davis, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Abigail Breslin of the sci-fi film was very well cast. Time to ask what about a sequel. About plans and rumors you get here.

50 years after an attack by aliens, who look like ants, the remaining people in search of a strategist who can beat the alien world in an attack are. Found they have these boys in the final. Because he is still a child, he thinks an unconventional and surprising than adults, so the strategies for the aliens called Formics are difficult to understand.

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Ender's Game 2: Why a sequel?

Shortly after the release of Ender's Game in 2013 there were rumors and discussions about a sequel. The big argument in favor of a sequel, the original novel. The film is based on the novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card in 1985. The final series consists of five books. Here one listing the title in English and German, including Publication date:

  • Ender's Game - The Big Game &# 8211; 1985
  • Speaker for the Dead - Speaker for the Dead &# 8211; 1986
  • Xenocide - Xenozid &# 8211; 1991
  • Children of the Mind - Enders children &# 8211; 1996
  • Ender in Exile - 2008

thus still remains enough material that could be filmed. Series such as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games have shown that the continuation concept can be very lucrative and popular.

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Ender's Game 2: What speaks against?

The argument that speaks against a continuation, the box office. The film has cost 110 million US dollars, while recorded just under 90 million. Although the reviews were very good and the film landed in the first week at the top of the US charts, but could not keep his position. In the first week Ender's Game played 28 million US dollars, slipped in the second week but at No. 5, the US box office and only generated revenue of $ 10 million. A rather disappointing result.

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In parallel, there was also reflection on a TV series adaptation. Both proposals were, however, dropped again. So there will be neither a movie continuation or series in the near future. The trailers that are found to Ender's Game 2 on the Internet, are not official trailer. Fans have simply made the effort and created it yourself.