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PayPal is now one of the most popular payment methods in the net. Log in with mail address and password, "Confirm" button, already the payment was made. Where money is to pick up, of course, also stuck scam. So it is a lot to consider in order not to ground a fraud at PayPal.

The most common scams are carried out plump by mail. But there are also more perfidious methods by which it is brought to his money.

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PayPal: Check fraud by mail and log

In cases of fraud, which are carried out by e-mail, you get an alleged warning from the payment service provider. Here, the customer is prompted to log in as soon as possible via a link in the mail in his account because an open payment or other problem is present. If you follow the link from this mail, however, you reached not the official PayPal site, but to a Fake login page. you are here his access, access them via phishing into the hands of fraudsters who can now plunder the account quickly and easily empty. Mails of this type are sent mainly in the name of well-known online stores. In the past, there were, among others, the following cases of PayPal scam by mail:

  • PayPal phishing: payment to Media Markt Germany
  • PayPal phishing: payment to Saturn
  • PayPal: "Access to your account has been limited."
  • "Strange Transaction found"
PayPal: Fraud by Mail & amp; Triangle fraud - so can I protectSun may look a fraudulent mail.

If you get suspicious mails of this kind, you should log in under any circumstances via a link from the mail in his account. Calls instead from the address bar in the browser to ensure that you can also access the real website of the payment service. If you are unsure, you can report such messages directly to PayPal if this scam could be to ensure.

The triangular fraud at PayPal

However, next to the fraud by mail, there are other meshes, about which one can lose his money. "Popular" is currently the Triangle fraud at PayPal. This does not look as clumsy as some phishing email and is not to reveal immediately. One should note the following procedure for payment processing, it is necessary to be cautious:

  1. You yourself are active as sellers.
  2. A fraudster buys something with you, and so gets your PayPal address in order to effect the payment.
  3. In addition, however, the fraudsters sold another article for the same price, which he himself does not possess.
  4. A third party, the buyer of this fake article, get to pay your PayPal email address. So you notice a payment, but assigns them your own sale from 1) for, after all you know about the sale of the fraudster does not know. The address in the payment therefore differs from the one given in the purchase address from. The scammer calls you up, your article sold its not to send to the specified address at PayPal. However, a condition to enjoy the PayPal Seller Protection is just to send the goods to your deposited in the PayPal payment address.
  5. Of course, the buyer from point 3) does not receive their goods and uses the buyer protection from PayPal. he draws his payment to you.
  6. You are set against the little triangle fraud, the merchandise is gone without her for a payment will receive.
Hooded computer hacker stealing information with laptopA PayPal hacker must not disguise necessarily sit in front of the computer.

To guard against this fraud on PayPal, you should follow some guidelines:

  • one uses as sellers PayPal, you should always be a delivery with proof in order. For this purpose, for example, a package with tracking or registered to be used.
  • The shipment should always be made to the address specified in the PayPal purchase under the "Transaction Details". You need to have received a payment and would like a buyers article in retrospect have sent to an alternative address, do not let yourself be a fact. Leads instead by a reversal of the PayPal payment to be paid to the products again with correct address details.
  • Familiar not blind to a received amount but checks the purpose and sent the paypal payment.
  • Should you already be a fraud aufgesessen or comes to you a little funny in the transaction settlement before, take immediately contact with the PayPal Customer Service at.

Next to the triangle fraud and the PayPal payment is while picking up a popular scam. The buyer paid for an item in advance of the Internet and then brings that person with you from. Here one usually has no proof of delivery of the goods, which the buyer can cancel the payment in arrears thanks Buyer Protection again.

Especially in "eBay Classifieds" will "trick" often used this PayPal- same time you have to be careful especially with a pickup and payment via PayPal has the classifieds service out. In order to protect themselves from a third party access to the PayPal account, you should set up a two-factor authentication. With a login as a code obtained by SMS in addition to the password one additional entries are made.

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