PayPal login: how it works without problems

You can you at Paypal via a browser and log in via App. We show how this works and what you can do if the Paypal login is not possible.

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To log you in Paypal, you have in front of a Paypal account to create, if not already done.

Paypal login: German

By default you log in you one on the German Paypal website:

  1. Open your browser on your PC or smartphone.
  2. Sign up on under the Paypal login page with your account information.
  3. Should there be with this site for any reason a problem, you go to the login page.

    Here you log in with Paypal.Here you log in with Paypal.

  4. Give one of your e-mail address and password.
  5. Click on the button Login.

If you have forgotten your password or security question, stop by here:

  • Forgot your PayPal password - what to do?
  • Forgot Paypal security question - what to do?

Register Paypal: via app

If you want to sign you via smartphone or tablet at Paypal, you can use the official Paypal app. It is available for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Just click to download the appropriate button, the app.

download Paypal (Android)*

download Paypal (iOS)*

download Paypal (Windows Phone)*

Per app you can login to you even with Paypal.Per app you can login to you even with Paypal.

So you log in you a per app:

  1. Starts the Paypal app.
  2. Give one as described above your email address and password.

Paypal login not supported: bypass problems logging

If the Paypal login is not possible, you should check the following:

  1. Do you have definitely entered the correct e-mail address and the correct password? Observes the uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and checks whether the Caps Lock key is disabled.
  2. You turn your e-mail address or password you have forgotten, you click on the small lettering under the Login button. then follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. The browser settings may be guilt: Are disabled in the browser cookie, the login is not possible. So you can activate it: Enable cookies: How to&# 8217; s in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  4. Considering also that Paypal may have a fault and does not work, is there a PayPal Disorder? Tips if PayPal is down.
  5. For further assistance, you judge you best at the PayPal Customer Service.
  6. Here you will find also a collection of more Paypal problems and how you can solve.


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