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The Mentalist Season 8 is desired by many and eagerly hoped for, but it is also planned? In previous seven seasons of the charismatic Patrick Jane for the CBI and later the FBI murder cases solved. The question of whether that continues in another season, we will discuss here.

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The US crime series The Mentalist by Bruno Heller took in the US and early 2009, since autumn 2008 in Germany the audience on an exciting search of Patrick Jane for the serial killer Red John. After this woman and child has the mentalist Patrick Jane killed a squadron long guesswork from Jane and the CBI to the identity of Red John starts. In the meantime, Jane helps the CBI yet to solve a number of other cases. Not least, the series owes its popularity to the fact that it is a narrative designed so that the offender is not known until the end - so the viewer has the opportunity mitzuraten. The occupation of the charismatic Australian Simon Baker as Patrick Jane then does her further notice.

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The Mentalist Season 8: the streak end after Season 7?

Season 8 of the hit series The Mentalist there seems almost to be a logical consequence. But unfortunately, see the creators and producers differently: Autumn 2014, it was announced that the seventh season is definitely the final season will be. Officially, were not told why, but one can infer two reasons for the end of The Mentalist:

  • First, the case was around Red John dissolved (Spoiler &# 8211; who has not seen the sixth season, should just stop here to read): In the eighth episode of the sixth season with the telling title &# 8220; The game is over&# 8221; the identity of Red John is announced: Contrary to the assumption that the former CBI chief Gale Bertram is the serial killer, the Sheriff Thomas McAllister out to be Red John. The central story arc the series has thus an end to the makers, the question had to ask: What's next? Of course you can just continue to solve cases, but is that enough to keep the viewer?
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  • Which brings us to number 2 are at Reason: the ratings the series went down. Launched the series in 2008 and is about 17 million viewers in the US. In the third season of The Mentalist then tuned in only about 15 million viewers and from the fifth season the ratings were even only about 11 million. In addition to that the cost of the cast increased, as had to be renegotiated after the end of the sixth season again. In total, therefore, was more cost less ratings. Summary: The end of the series.

The Mentalist Season 8: stream Last Season

To mitigate the disappointment something that you can last, the seventh season of The Mentalist, which classically presents itself as a happy ending, just look at it again. Jane confesses his love Lisbon and at the end they marry not only - Lisbon is also pregnant. To make it more dramatic, the case of the serial killer Lazarus must first be solved however.

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