Skyforge: Kryomant Guide – So you play the Cryomancer!

In Skyforge the Kryomant is therefore thought the first fundamental damage class and for all players who want to dish out the Free2Play MMO of obsidian and the Allods team properly. But the Eismagier offers more than just dull damage output. We explain you how to optimally play this class in the Open Beta of Skyforge.

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If you want to play at the beginning of your career Skyforge optimum damage dealer, no alternative to the class of Kryomanten passes! The fragile Eismagier is for a highly mobile, has good surface attacks and yet also has good skills to enemy control (CC).

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The Kryomant at a glance

roleDamage dealer
fight distanceRanged
weaponsIce Crystal
important attributes
  • Strength
  • happiness
  • Critical strike chance
  • accuracy
  • Recovery of the discharge

Skyforge: Kryomant Guide - What can this class?

The Kryomant is a damage dealer who presents both burst damage and damage over time effects and control. This makes it a very round character who prepared you well for the other damage classes. Furthermore, it uses a renewable resource called cryogen and has two rechargeable standard attacks.

kryomantKryomanten struggling with ice and cold.

The first of these, Kryonischer pulse, either caused a target damage relates after charging a plurality of enemies. The other attack is called Icethorn and caused much damage to the target. After charging a damage-over-time effect just adds.

kryomantKryomanten are good all-Schadensauteiler.

Optimally, you play the Kryomanten as remote fighter who is constantly in motion and slows down his enemies with ice and heckled with permanent effects. This is the Kryomant a very effective solo class with which you can well farmen empty instances and generates valuable resource for the character progress.

Skyforge: What skills do I need?

For a good build in the leveling phase of Skyforge we recommend the following skills. Optimally, have packed their equipment, which improves the skills mentioned.

Ice CometA solid damage skill that slows the target.
ice statueA witty defensive skill that creates a statue, which directs for 10 seconds the attention of enemies and this also freezes!
KryostrahlCauses mighty like a cold flame thrower hurt in line of sight!
rough iceCharged attack skill skill that inflicts a lot of damage.
snowA very powerful area effect, the enemy also freezes in place!

Furthermore, you should have the following talent always equipped:

  • Kryoladung: Tripled the damage of Kryostrahl
  • Slide: Does your dodge maneuver faster
  • frostbite: Extends snow
  • exhaustion: More damage from standard attacks

Skyforge: Kryomant Guide - The optimal rotation for Kryomanten

After you have selected your skills, it does the following against your enemies. always start the match with snow, to fetch the maximum from the surface damage out. Then you invite your attack on the right mouse button, Icethorn, and missed the enemy a hard blow, including damage-over-time effect.

Skyforge 2015-07-20 23-27-31-771With the right skill rotation you done any enemy!

Continue with your killer move, the Kryostrahl, followed by rough ice cream. If the enemy is then stirred, her spamming him with Icethorn and Kryonischer pulse to until it gives up the ghost. For harder enemies and boss battles you always take account of your charge cryogen and sets if necessary, a control effects to relieve the tank.

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