How does Periscope? set up, and find more streams

With Periscope you get an app with which to own live streams can be created. In addition, you can follow and track such events in the world wherever they live at Periscope streams of other users.

How does Periscope? set up, and find more streams

Here you learn how Periscope works, how their own streams can host and finds contents of other users.

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What's Periscope and how it works?

  • So you can use Periscope, a Twitter account is required.
  • In addition, it requires the Periscope app on your smartphone.
  • Periscope is available for free download for Android and iPhone.
  • Did you once installed the app, simply click on the appropriate record button to start its own stream.
  • If a stream starts, the app automatically posts a message.


While the app for the provision of the stream is assumed you can easily without installing the browser on other listens About Periscope on. the installation of the Flash player is required. A replay of the stream is in turn available only through the app. After the live broadcast videos can be accessed 24 hours a day. In addition, comments can be read only on the browser version, your own comments you can not write that way.

  • can on the TV icon view their streams of friends.
  • Streams from around the world are displayed via the globe icon.
  • Interesting Streamer can be favored over the "plus" icon.
  • The balloon will lead you to chat.
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So you can set up that offer and recall Periscope Streams

Live streaming, you can communicate via chat function with other viewers or video producers. Additionally, with the heart of its own like function. Especially with popular videos, it is difficult, however, to pursue parallel thousands of requests and messages.

An overview of all current stream be found at OnPeriscope.

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With Periscope you can thus become a one-man TV channels. Persicope theoretically offers the ability to stream content of all kinds. However, the vendors want to remove videos that violate any copyright, on and off. The service has been abused in the past, among other things, provide the new episodes of Game of Thrones in free online stream. Who z. As attempts to provide Bundesliga on Periscope stream is liable to prosecution.


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