Query messages: number for O2, Telekom, Vodafone & amp; E-Plus.

Depending on which mobile operator you have, there are different numbers to listen to the mailbox. We have compiled the following guide you the shortcuts and mailbox numbers for O2, Telekom, Vodafonde and E-Plus in the overview.

A first: Listen to your mailbox is over the phone, to which the digital answering machine belongs, always free of charge. You can your mailbox but also on another phone, reach abroad, the fixed network as well. In these cases, however, costs for the connection may be formed - see it to earlier in your contract.

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Listen to voice messages: The numbers for messages left

To listen to your mailbox, you have to on the actual device, only the speed dial use and can you listen to all the messages left. If you by a another device or from abroad but want to access your voicemail, you need the full number and your Mailbox PIN.

providersSpeed ​​dialMailbox number
Telekom33 11[Vowahl] + 13 + [number]
Vodafone55 00[Code] + 55 + [number]
O2333[Code without 0] + 33 + [number]
E-Plus99 11 or 99 *[Code without 0] + 99 + [number]

If you have previously switched suppliers and your old mobile number taken from this, it may be that the shortcut does not work. In this case, you must use the full mailbox number. Depending on your carrier you have the possibility the appropriate mailbox code for your code (and not the current from your provider) use:

  • 13 in the primaries: 0151; 0160; 0170; 0171; 0175
  • 55 in the primaries: 0152; 0162; 0172; 0173; 0174
  • 99 in the primaries: 0157; 0163; 0177; 0178
  • 33 in the primaries: 0159; 0176; 0179

If her Mailbox from abroad want to listen, you have instead of the first 0 of the area code, in the full mailbox number before the National Election for Germany (+49) Enter the keypad.

Query messages: number for O2, Telekom, Vodafone & amp; E-Plus.

reach mailbox from a landline, abroad or from another phone

To access it from another phone or abroad to your mailbox, you have the full mailbox number and your mailbox PIN ready have. then proceed as follows:

  1. Selects the full mailbox number with your keyboard (Ex. +49 151 13 1234567).
  2. Once the greeting of your mailbox is heard, you must:
    • Telekom & E-Plus: "*", Press asterisk key and enter the four-digit PIN.
    • O2"*" Press star key, enter a four-digit PIN and press the pound key "#".
    • Vodafone: Enter four to Six-digit PIN.
  3. Now you should the Mailbox menu as normal use and can listen to your messages.

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