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Moves ye in forums or chats and writes many SMS, you inevitably come across numerous combinations of letters and abbreviations, which are used for common terms. An abbreviation that is often read online, "mom". But what does this "mom" anyway?

Which means

is in English "mom" or "mom" as shorthand for "mother", that uses the mother. Says your comparison just by one person and calls this "mom", it is highly likely that one or his mother. The notation with &# 8220; o&# 8221; is US English, &# 8220; mum&# 8221; is used in British English.

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"Mom" has the meaning of the abbreviation

But the abbreviation "mom" is also used in other situations, in which not talked about a person.

  • Do you read "mom" in the chat, it means translated something like "Wait a minute" or "One moment please".
  • The abbreviation is derived from the advertised word "moment" from.
  • So the writing person asks you for your patience.
  • The meaning of "mom" and "Wait a minute" may or "a moment" in German to be.
  • Analogous to the abbreviation can brb network concepts and afk be used.
  • Read here "mom" must reckon you so that your opposite will not answer a certain time.
  • An example of the use would be about &# 8220; I'm looking for it out to you mom.&# 8221;
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"Mom" "mom" -ent once!

While "mom" in chats, online games and forums is regularly used, the term is rarely used in the spoken language. With us you will find many more explanations and definitions of common web terms. So you learn with us about what's behind the abbreviation "idk" what a "bae" is and why you often "omg" reads the Internet.


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