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The app Quiz duel for Android and iPhone / iPad is one of the high flyers in the Play Store or App Store in recent months. The simple but addictive guessing game has drawn a short time millions of players in the spell. Find out here how you can play on the PC the quiz duel.

play quiz duel on the PC: use the app on your computer

For the PC, there are (currently) no own quiz Duel app. Nevertheless, you can also use the computer the rate app with a small detour.

play quiz duel on the PC: use the app on your computer

For this you need the BlueStacks player. This is an emulator that allows the benefits of Android applications on the computer. In addition to the quiz duel for PC can be used in this way several other smart phone games and apps on the computer. Taxes can you here the game easily with the mouse. Invite you first the BlueStacks player downloads and installs the application. Over the player you can access the Google Play Store and download the quiz duel on your PC. For this, you can login to you with your Google account, which you use on your Android device. Once the app has been downloaded over BlueStacks, you can install on PC the quiz duel. Login you one with your usual login and rate fun can now take on the big screen its course. Have you logged in you with your user data from your smartphone, or tablet, you can all the games started there also use the computer on. However, shortcoming on the quiz duel PC version is that you get no push notification when you're back with your rate round turn. Here you have the game regularly update manually to see if your played over already.

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play quiz duel on the PC: use the app on your computer

Since this is at BlueStacks an emulator and thus the quiz duel app was not developed on a PC directly to the computer, there can be one or the other errors or dropouts while playing.

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Quiz play online duel

Via BlueStacks you can the Quiz play online duel. The app works as usual from the Android smartphone and shifts the control from the touch screen on the PC screen. An appropriate way to play the quiz duel online in the browser, there is not currently. to as opposed to the possibility of the further current app flyer Flappy Bird play on PC online, has not set a developers from programming an online version of the quiz duel. Once the rate of fun in the quiz duel is also available for the browser, we will inform you accordingly about it.

Read also with us, as you will receive the crown in the quiz duel and learn all about the quiz duel cheat for all correct answers.

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