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Canon error B200: For many owners of a Canon printer appears this error message, without the cause of the problem is apparent. In the following guide, we show you what you can do in this case and how it fixes the errors Canon B200.

It puts toner in the printer

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Canon: Error B200 &# 8211; Can not print

A problem with which many owners of a Canon printer must bother: On a day of printer still works without problems &# 8211; The next time you want to print appears somewhat but suddenly an error message with the code B200. The official support page from Canon in this case is not really helpful because the error there as &# 8220; general hardware problem&# 8221; is identified that requires a complete repair of the printer. In reality, this is not necessary in most cases. We show you how the Canon error B200 also fixes that.

Video: Canon Pixma B200 Error &# 8211; fix error

Problem is with the printer head

If the error message appears B200 with you, this indicates a problem with a dried print head usually. Therefore, you should also clean the print head first. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Remove the printhead by its actuated built on the side, gray lever &# 8211; thus it solves the printhead from the printer.
  2. Then it flushes the print head under warm running water &# 8211; the print head is clean when the water is no longer colored by the ink.
  3. After that the head is clean and you can it along with the cartridge reinserted into the printer.

Thus the first step is done. In the next section we show you how you then turn the printer back. Also read also how to refill their printer cartridges and can save money.


Enable printer to clean the print head again

If you turn on the printer, the device performs a fault diagnosis and gives the error message B200 again despite gesäubertem printhead. Therefore, you have to bypass the diagnosis. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Starts the printer and opens the device.
  2. Instead of troubleshooting the printer will now run a self-test &# 8211; In this self-test of the printer ink pumps in the printhead.
  3. Includes the printer during the self test and you come to the menu of the printer.
  4. If it does not equal right the first time and the problem persists with you, you should repeat the process (before the printer participate in profits from the mains).

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Under certain circumstances, it may take several times until you enter the printer menu and you can resume printing. In addition, the error still occurs in some cases even though you can print already back. If so you have all the water away from cleaning even in the printhead. Prints, some test pages (2-3 black and white pages, a color page, for example, with a photo). Is the print head clean and dry you can then print as usual. To prevent drying of the printhead and the error B200, it is also best to print out a black and white page regularly (1x / week). More advice about found in this article: Print cartridge dried out - These tricks help you.

Image Sources: Canon, Piotr Adamowicz, Chris Curtis

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