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Did you ever wished to be GTA to 5 cop? If you go the eternal chase with law enforcement against the grain, just switching sides and become itself the cop in the open world. In our guide, we show you the various methods by which you can slip on the police uniform in their GTA fifth


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in order to GTA 5 be policeman to, you have different options. One requires you have previously played the game and perform certain actions with Michael. The full police Feeling, however, gets her with the Police Mod for GTA 5, it has set itself the task to simulate the daily life of a police officer in GTA. 5

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Updated on February 1, 2017

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GTA 5: Police Mod LSPD First Response

The Police Mod LSPD First Response has set itself the task PC version of GTA 5 to Police simulation remodel. It allows you the location of a legal guardian with all that that implies. So can carry out their controls, deliver you car chases with criminals and the law as represented, as you think it is right. The download link to the latest version can be found on the official Mod page.


a detailed installation Guide be found also on this page. As you of join Police of Los Santos can show yourselves and the following detailed instructions of the YouTube channel AlphaWhiskeySix.

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GTA 5: With Michael Polizist

  1. Ensures that her Story played through have you worried and then with Michael a patrol car at the nearest police station.
  2. Ride thus Michael's house and Leave the car in the garage.
  3. now goes up to your wardrobe and selects the police uniform that you've unlocked with the conclusion of the game.
  4. then puts you to bed and stores the game. This also the car stored in the garage.
  5. Now you can go on patrol, listen to radio messages and embark you on manhunt, civilians to help those in need.
  6. Your also can reinforcement call over the phone (911). Attack you gangsters, police officers will actively defend you.
  7. Will you call a partner on patrol Trevor to which then also attracts a Highway Patrol uniform and stays with you.

Police Mod for GTA 5

Another way to enter the PC version of GTA 5 to become a police officer, is the Police Mod. This gives you after installing the role of a real police officers in Los Santos, who goes on patrol speeders stops and distributed ticket. The mod is still in constant evolution, and some features are missing here and there, but a full simulation in police GTA 5 comes to her with the mod the next.

GTA5-police-mod-screen1No mercy for speeders with the Police Mod. There is only once a Knäulchen.

Police to mod with installation instructions and download link

Can you be in GTA Online policeman?

Unfortunately, you can in GTA Online does not pursue the profession of Cops. While there are always times glitches with which one can get a police uniform on a complicated manner, but they are usually removed quickly with additional patches. Current shows you the youtube users MATRIX23000 like her with patch 1.28 / 1.26 Glitch by a police outfit you can save for your wardrobe.

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