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Since October now already the sixth season of The Walking Dead is running. How quickly time passes, the middle of November there was with the eighth episode already the midseason finale. Here you will find information about the new episodes and learn, for when the start of the second half of The Walking Dead is planned in Germany 2016th

Video: The Walking Dead Season 6 midseason Recap
199451The Walking Dead Midseason Recap Season 6
Already on Sunday 30 November, was to see the midseason finale in the United States, a day later broadcast followed at FOX on pay-TV. In our recap video you can again take you all previous events of the sixth season of The Walking Dead back into memory.

Update: Just a few days until the start of Season 6

Until it goes with the new episodes of Season 6B, there are only a few days. To make the wait a little harder while shortening, a new promotional trailer has been released. The whole video can watch it here:

29675The Walking Dead Season 6 - Promo Trailer # 2

In mid-January has emerged a new, gloomy promo poster for the sixth season of The Walking Dead. The second part of the season is the motto &# 8220; A larger World&# 8221; to run.

As the anticipation is rising! The German Key Attraction verr&# Xe4; t the motto of Season 6B: "A larger world".The Walking Dead Season 6B, from February 15 on FOX!

Posted by Your Sky series on Thursday, January 14, 20160video embed code: 1452776982 (6905)

A key way for new season also shows excerpts from different scenes that will visit in the coming episodes the characters. It is therefore to be assumed that the group around Rick Grimes scattered again by the United States moves and is thereby experience one way or another tragedy:

At the start of the new year AMC has introduced a new preview trailer:

30916The Walking Dead Mid-Season Season 6 Trailer


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The Walking Dead Season 6: Next episode after the break in February

The first episodes were you already teach the shudder. So cavorted in the season premiere, over 650 biters and as many as previously never been in a single sequence across the screen. In the new episodes Rick and the other survivors meet as expected back on crowds of walkers. After the Governor in the third season there will also be a new, human opponent for the group. Especially readers of comics look forward to the appearance of Negan. is ready for the new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 6 February 14, 2016.

Start Photogallery(9 pictures)the bloodiest & best zombie movies of all time walking-dead-season-6-banner© AMC

On the Comic-Con teaser poster of the latest season all the main characters are seen who have survived at The Walking Dead Season-fifth here are Rick and Morgan returned at the end of last season finale at the center. Rick does not carry the Sheriff uniform of the last episodes, but his old jacket, which he had mainly in the first episodes of the series. Robert Kirkman already hinted that in the sixth season in particular will be the focus Rick and Morgan. This conflict should be knit in this year from the ninth episode.

When is The Walking Dead Season 6 next? Start date this year

In addition, the &Wolves; # 8220&# 8221; addressed as a new threat. Daryl Dixon describes the events in the new episodes as &# 8220; total chaos&# 8221 ;. Remains to be seen whether this is empty promises or whether The Walking Dead Season 6 in the second half can ban before the TV screens again.


  • It continues with The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 9 on February 14, 2016.
  • In Germany, the latest episode of The Walking Dead will always be aired on Monday after the US premiere on Sunday. So you have to wait so less than 24 hours until you can see in this country the latest episode.
  • In Germany it goes with The Walking Dead, therefore, on Monday, 15 February 2016th
  • After the TV broadcast The Walking Dead you can see in the stream via Sky Go online.
  • The day after the TV broadcast the latest TWD sequence is also online at Sky On Demand available for retrieval.
  • Capturing the essence of the new episodes of The Walking Dead on free TV can be expected for Halloween 2016th 2 Already in recent years showed a RTL The Walking Dead marathon with all the consequences incl. The free TV premiere of the latest season to date.

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The Walking Dead Season 6: When it goes on? Trailer, Poster and Preview

When will The Walking Dead Season 6?

Even before the start of the fifth season AMC has already confirmed the appointment of a new sixth season in 2015 of The Walking Dead. Scott M. Grimple is available in Season 6 as showrunner. Robert Kirkman, the brains behind the The Walking Dead comic template, will serve as executive producer.

In addition to the sixth season will 2016 also enter the new season of the spin-off series from The Walking Dead universe in summer. The spin-off entitled &# 8220; Fear The Walking Dead&# 8221; and to shorten the waiting time for the new The Walking Dead episodes in two seasons. Also for the offshoot of a trailer presented at the Comic-Con:

89678Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 - Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking Dead: How many seasons are there?

Fans of the series ask the question, how many seasons The Walking Dead. TWD is currently the most watched TV series in the US cable television. The radiating transmitter AMC it is therefore at the heart of being able to continue the apocalyptic adventure for a long time. Also in the comic by Robert Kirkman, who is regarded as a template for the series is still no end in sight Series. When it comes to AMC CEO Josh Kaplan, there will be new seasons of The Walking Dead still in the 2022nd Unlike the series Game of Thrones, which will probably be completed after seven seasons, it should therefore continue with TWD long time. The Walking Dead Season 7 has already been announced.

34413Fear The Walking Dead - Teaser Trailer English HD

The head of the comic book series, Robert Kirkman has been increasingly distinguished graduate in mind, however, the comic book and the TV implementation in the past each other. An exact answer as many seasons will be available from Walking Dead, there is not therefore. The makers think currently only season to season.

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