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Detective Conan is still one of the most popular anime series. The adventures around the 17-year-old master detective Shin&8217; ichi Kudou that after a poison attack looks like a child who inspire international a huge audience. We show you how new episodes of Detective Conan in the stream in German can see legal online &# 8211; to pay course without it.

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Detective Conan actually based on a manga, but was relatively quickly implemented as anime. In Japan, the series ran from 1996 on TV &# 8211; with us then from 2002 II at RTL. Meanwhile, it has brought Detective Conan on nearly 900 episodes &# 8211; new episodes of the popular detective anime series can ye in Germany legally and for free in the stream at Pro7 Maxx View.

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Detective Conan in the stream: German, legally and for free with Pro7 Maxx

New episodes of Detective Conan you can look at you in the online media center of the TV channel Pro7 Maxx directly on your computer in the stream. The niche channels Pro7 provides a fairly extensive program of international series and can radiate for several years on several weekdays also anime and cartoons from. Detective Conan runs at Pro7Maxx since November 2016th

Detective Conan StreamWith Pro7 Maxx you can watch each new episodes in the program look online.
  • Pro7 Maxx do not you, of course, all the episodes of Detective Conan on the stream, but each Last 10 shipments, which were broadcast.
  • Each episode will remain after the first broadcasting for 14 days in the library &# 8211; regular clean look is worth it.
  • The consequences of the anime series are free, but you have a small commercial break before each episode live, similar to the classic TV.

Detective Conan consequences German online

Pro tip: If you do not want to call in the browser always the website, you should take a look at the Web service MagineTV throw *. With this provider you get a full streaming packet, contains numerous German TV channels, including the public service channels known private broadcasters and Pro 7 Maxx. And best of all TV channels that are included in Magine TV, you can stream it to different devices, for example, your smartphone, tablet or computer. MagineTV is free for 30 days (for the public broadcaster permanently) after a small monthly fee is due when you want all the channels.

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Detective Conan in the stream at Netflix

Since the beginning of 2016 the well-known video-on-demand provider Netflix has some consequences of Detective Conan on offer. Currently there are 52 episodes (episodes 748-799) are available. Unfortunately, the whole thing has a catch: This offer is valid Only the UK and the US. In Germany Detective Conan is not yet stream Netflix. While there are some hacks with which one can access the English-language program of the streaming service in this country, but Netflix is ​​now before against such attempts and has already blocked the accounts of users who have tried it.

Detective Conan Netflix in streamingNetflix has some consequences of Detective Conan in the program &# 8211; but currently only in the UK and the USA.

Other providers like Amazon, the well-known anime streaming service Crunchyroll or Funimation have Detective Conan currently not in the program. Experience has shown, however, can change quickly, since new series are added &# 8211; as soon as there is news, we will inform you at this point. As a last resort remains the video portal YouTube, where there are some isolated episodes of Detective Conan &# 8211; However, the quality is however miserable here, so this option is not recommended.

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Detective Conan: The context&# 8217; s in Detective Anime

Although Shin'ichi Kudō is only 17 years old but already a brilliant detective who helps the Tokyo police regularly in their investigations. One day, his luck turned when he became the infamous &# 8220; Black Organization&# 8221; runs across. The criminals inspire him a potent neurotoxin one that will kill the young detective &# 8211; However Shin'ichi lucky. Rather than kill him, the poison rejuvenated him only. Result: The detective looks like a 6 year old child.

Detective Conan Anime

Shin'ichi makes the most of the situation and impersonates a basic student at. His new name is now on Conan Edogawa &# 8211; a mix of the names of his two favorite mystery writers: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, and the Japanese writer Edogawa Rampo that provides the last name. As Detective Conan it solves exciting criminal cases and helps the private detective Kogoro Mori. 

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