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With the Cheat Engine for Android can chop her numerous games and you gain more gold, experience points and other benefits cheats. So far, you could adjust the whole thing with complicated formulas HEX editor, now this is done by an Android app for you &# 8212; the cheat engine GameCIH!

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Does this sound familiar: Not enough money involved, too lame gameplay. The Experience grow slowly. that runs through many Android games and provides users annoyed a pattern. Of course you could pay real money to speed up your progress &# 8211; but who has too much of it? The search for hacks for popular games like Clash of Clans or 8 Ball Pool is often only moderately successful because lurking in many cases viruses or malware. The solution: A Cheat engine that can adapt or modify at will their Android games.

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Cheat Engine for Android: GameCIH

GameCIH is can the customize a free cheat engine for Android their settings in games and modify. Rather than get you hacks for individual games, GameCIH provides a software with which you can relatively easily chop different games and customize with cheats. But we refer first of the developers:

Game Cheat / Memory Editor / Crack / Hack Tool
Change Game Speed
GameCIH Could change game speed!
You will become TOP 1 ranking in any games!
You could modify the game state (score, money, HP, &# 8230) to allow for infinite lives, invulnerability, and etc.

It is therefore this is a cracking or hacking tool that you can change the values ​​in games to give you infinite lives, invulnerability and other benefits. However, there is a caveat: It is a necessary root, moreover, the cheat engine runs for Android only on some devices.

On the subject:

Cell rooten: Instructions and tips for Android

Nevertheless, one can edit everything in games to get Top1 rankings. In the pictures you can see how the app works. We explain it at first but let's own words, as the software initially appears quite complicated.

Cheat engine for Android in the free download: GameCIH

Start the app and you have a top left CIH status bar on the screen. This works out to right with a simple tap. There you can adjust the speed of the game, move the status bar from top left to bottom, determine a hex value and open the settings.

Cheat engine for Android in the free download: GameCIH

Let's say, you want at &# 8220; Robo Defense&# 8221; raise your life. Then you move into the area where the life also appear as the right in this picture. taps &InputNumber; # 8220&# 8221; and carry a current number of your lives. In this case &# 8220; 20&# 8243 ;.

Cheat engine for Android in the free download: GameCIH

GameCIH examined in hex section of the app for matching entries and sorts them before. Since the can be in doubt, hundreds of thousands of entries, the basic value of you must be changed in order to identify it. Is it about money? Then buys something and carry on then &# 8220; input Number&# 8221; the new balance one. When it comes to life? Loses one and then transmits the new value.

GameCIH now continually checks that hex area has changed due. This then goes very quickly, after a maximum of 3-4 changes and finding presents you the app an entry, which you can adjust as desired. In our example, twenty times just 200 or 20,000 life can be made at Robo Defense from. The principle is very simple and yet very effective!

Cheat Engine for Android: Free but use at your own risk!

Cheats and hacks are a vexed issue that always causes a lot of frustration &# 8211; no matter whether they are dealing with smartphone apps, console games or multiplayer titles on the PC. Proponents of cheats and hacks for consoles and PC stress that everyone has a right to modify the game as he wants. Opponents of cheats argue instead that one provides with interventions and modifications an improper advantage, especially in multiplayer games, where only one of the participants cheating, the rest During fair play sets.

Cheat Engine AndroidCheating is tempting at first, in the long term but it ruined by the fact the game.

The truth probably lies somewhere in between: reality is that you look up and the spoils with hacks and cheat engine for Android's long-term gameplay. At first, it might be quite nice to drive his life as if by magic to the top &# 8211; of course, but it is much more satisfying to win by one's own use. In addition, it is important to note the following: In most apps apps is manipulating, cheating and hacking not allowed. which is seen above reasons understandably reluctant, especially in multiplayer area. An example from the past provides Gameloft:

Cheat engine for Android in the free download: GameCIH

Even in games with online ranking the high pushing your own Stats is not permitted by hacking. The same applies for apps where there is a game currency, which can only be obtained by paying with real money. The whole is then certainly not legally &# 8211; was GameCIH because of this from the Google Play Store Market.

Therefore, once the express Note: From our side is GameCIH not recommended. The app to use for testing and evaluation is in order &# 8211; Moreover, we dissociate ourselves from all inappropriate applications &# 8212; the use of the app at your own risk and we can accept no liability for any consequences.

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