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Since the end of 2014 film and series fans in Germany can access the streaming offer from Netflix. Amazon Prime or max cathedrals it has long been possible to buffer video, to then be able to watch without an Internet connection. Now it has finally introduced the feature to watch movies and series on Netflix offline. This works both in the app on Android and iOS and recently Windows 10th

The cached movies can then z. B. be considered at a train journey or at the gym on the treadmill without having to rely on a mobile data network. While some time ago even Amazon Prime has followed with the offline availability, to Netflix held back with an offline mode for a long time. For some time gave statements reason to hope that this changes, now you finally introduced the download function.

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Netflix seen in offline mode: How to download the app and PC

For many, the offline mode is one reason to opt for a streaming service. The Netflix heads Reed Hastings and Neil Hunt already expressed the end of 2014 about a possible Netflix offline mode and joined this time still strictly off. One way to watch videos without an Internet connection would not fit into the business model. Now, however, a change in thinking took place. So you can use the Netflix offline mode in the app:

  1. The download function for series and movies from the Netflix offer is available in the app for iOS and Android devices.
  2. Prerequisite is the latest version of the app.
  3. Unfortunately, the ability to view content offline, unavailable for licensing reasons for all films and series. Currently there are mainly in the Netflix original as &# 8220; Narcos&# 8221; the ability to download series episodes.
  4. Offline content can be viewed both in the German dubbed version as well as in English Oriiginal.
  5. To download the quality can be changed. Videos with a high resolution take accordingly more space. The setting can in the Netflix app under &Downloads; # 8220&# 8221; -&Video quality; # 8221&# 8221; be performed.
  6. Naturally enough space on the mobile device should be available. A series episode with a running time of 45 minutes requires 200 MB of free space.
  7. The download can be run directly on the summary page of the relevant content. In the detailed view is found behind the three beams of &# 8220; Available for download&# 8221; button, the content should be available for offline use.
  8. The download function is available to all Netflix available to customers and does not remain as reserved for premium members.

The download feature has long been confined to tablets and smartphones. Since the update of the Windows 10 app, however, you can also download the Windows PC Netflix videos. The corresponding download button can be found directly in the app &# 8211; ideal for those who want to go about netflixen on the notebook.

Netflix: Offline Mode - download movies and watch without an Internet, here's how

To protect the data volume, the download should of course be carried out in the WLAN.

Once the download is complete, you can access the following way without an Internet connection on the Netflix content:

  1. Controls over the three beams on the main menu in the app.
  2. Here we find the menu item &# 8220; My Downloads&# 8221 ;.
  3. Start the desired track. Several episodes of a series downloaded, they find collected in a list.

Aim of clearing disk space, you can downloaded Clear Netflix video course:

  1. Opens the section &# 8220; My Downloads&# 8221; from the main menu.
  2. Presses on the small phone icon.
  3. Now you can select &# 8220; Delete Download&# 8221; choose.
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Netflix: Offline Download Windows 10

Long you had to wait on the desktop mood, but now it is also in the Windows 10 App the ability to download movies and watch them later. The function "Download & Go "is rolled out with the latest update. For most films, documentaries and series, a download button will then. you can then access offline on the downloaded content via the "My Downloads" section. However, the download function is not available with all contents, after all, but you can in a separate section of content available for download, see.

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