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The tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a hit and inspires not only the e-sports community for years. To ensure that each team will be connected to the respective skill in a match, there are different ranks and a system behind it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive aims particularly balanced to be. This means that players meet others who &# 8211; in the best case &# 8211; the possess the same skill. Therefore there is 18 Skill Groups, can acquire the player. Depending on the group they are then gematched. The whole thing works on a modified Elo. How it works and how you quickly ranks in CS: GO can ascend tells you this guide.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive &# 8211; Ranks and Elo system in detail

The rank in CS: GO is only important if you competitions denies, that Ranked Matches played. Because there is of course an advantage that the rounds in about balanced are and you must not fight against powerful enemies. Every victory and every defeat determine your rank. Especially in games in the League, these rankings are a good indicator of the matchmaking to connect equally good players together.

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The rank and skill groups but not you are allowed to profile Ranks confound. Your profile rank increases, when you experience points accumulated.

cs-go RANKS

The ranks and Skill Groups in CS: GO play only in the Classic Competitive mode a role. For all other modes, the Elo system is not used. So you play with friends and have won, you should take a simple victory over the happy &# 8211; rise you will not but if it does not play Ranked Matches. The matchmaking is calculated by a system in the background &# 8211; It is called Elo.

The Elo system of CS: GO

The matchmaking system behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not new. Already 1960 developed by the American physicist and statistician Arpad Elo a rating system that particularly lens should be. His goal was to compare players to each other and equivalent in a game to connect &# 8211; while he watched Chess. The system is called officially FIDE rating system, in slang but it is called the Elo system, still used in chess.

Each player receives a Elo value (actually FIDE rating called). This increases when he won a game and decreases accordingly if he has suffered a defeat. but the system also calculates the Probability that a team will win. The points exchange takes place only between two teams. After a game of the Elo system adjusts the points of the players so that the actual results and the estimated values ​​are combined.

Defeat her the opposing team, get their hidden Elo points. Achieved it a special value, it rises in rank.Defeat her the opposing team, get their hidden Elo points. Achieved it a special value, it rises in rank.

In a Reddit entry is a Valve employee explained that their ranking system on Glicko-2 based. This system was developed by Mark E. Glickman and is based on the Elo system. The only differences constitute two variables to make the calculation more accurately. The Glicko 2 system introduces a value, the trackt how constant a player plays. Another variable estimates how accurate the current rank in comparison to the actual skill. Especially this size is important as it assesses the value of a player who never or long gone CS: GO has played.

The ranking system in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The game itself tells you much about the ranks. but since release from the Game and a lot has happened and many updates enabled a more precise system of points. The community is wondering how it works exactly. but the secret is: Valve can not be looking at the map. So are the Actions not known, for you can rise in rank. According community you get more points if you will the MVP. According to Valve but that has little effect. Then you shall simply &# 8220; to play as good as you can&# 8220 ;.

So you let yourself the FPS in CS: GO Show

This applies especially to playing in the team. Because the opponents can you just cope and get a win in the match when you tactically each other plays. Rumor has it that actions like Headshots or killings generally have no effect. The most important thing is, however, whether you can win or lose. Here, you get even more Elo points when you play in the weaker team and still defeated the enemy great.

Tip for this guide: The hidden Elo points the player in a team added. The system then compares your points to the opposing team. Are your skill groups under which the enemies, the system estimates that its likely lose will. but gets her out the win, get their more points, as if you had been the better team. They would namely a victory receive fewer points. Points are deducted by the way the opposing team, you added to and distributed to the players in the winning team.

The game is not distributed after each match, but after each round points. So each round is scored separately. In this case one gets the most amount of points, who worked most for the team. In addition, the team must win. There are 18 different skill groups in CS: GO. They range from Silver I (Weakest group) to The Global Elite (The largest group):

StrengthsymbolGroup Name
1rank-1Silver I
2rank-2Silver II
3rank-3Silver III
4rank-4Silver IV
5rank-5Silver Elite
6rank-6Silver Elite Master
7rank-7Gold Nova I
8thrank-8Gold Nova II
9rank-9Gold Nova III
10rank-10Gold NovaMaster
11rank-11Master Guardian I
12rank-12Master Guardian II
13rank-13Master Elite Guardian
14rank-14Distinguished Master Guardian
15rank-15Legendary Eagle
16rank-16Legendary Eagle Master
17rank-17Supreme Master First Class
18rank-18The Global Elite

So it's important to win. In the community there are different statements about you have to do in order to rise in rank. It is the Much of the calculation uncertain. Valve wants to thus prevent that the team game suffers. Would the community know how the rapid rise of rank is possible, they would pounce on those actions and do not play as a team. In addition, the fair and balanced distribution of skill groups would no longer be possible.

Your rank you get the way in main menu displayed from your account. You see here no rank, you have either never CS: GO played or been a long time no longer. New players must first win at least 10 games in the competition, a precise calculation and thus also get a matching rank. Per day However, can you only a maximum of two wins contest. So it takes time until you have won this match. In addition, you need a Profile Rank of 2. Do you have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive already a while not played, it can also happen that you get no more rank displayed. In this case you should just another game competition System play and best win. Then a rank is displayed again &# 8211; your But progress is not lost.

The competition mode can be hard. With practice, however, you should be able to master it.The competition mode can be hard. With practice, however, you should be able to master it.Of course, this ranking also has a solution for players at hand, the be kicked or just leave the competition. Both options are considered similar. The player only gets the points that he has until the date collected. After his cancellation or expulsion He can, of course will not get any more points. Is the whole team on, only the rounds are considered, they have played.

Fast ascended in rank?

Will you still rising rapidly in rank, there is a possibility that has been tested over the years. You should against a team play, the one much higher rank has as her. Reaching her by you came through friends in the team. Your team wins, you get much more Elo points because the system assumes that you will lose.

We recommend you to try out the competition mode in any case once. After all, you get here opponent's nose set that are equal to you. In other modes, you can meet a lot stronger.

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