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iTunes is still the linchpin for dealing with all mobile iOS devices. Without iTunes, it is hard to get movies, music and other content on iPhone, iPad and co. But not everyone likes to use for all that the platform, which Apple sees. In this guide, we introduce you to the best alternative music player that can serve you as an iTunes replacement.

Anyone who owns a mobile Apple device, but a Windows environment is used on the computer side, probably with iTunes not directly warm. Among other things, because the program is not as deeply integrated into Microsoft's operating system, as is the case with the Mac. Of course you can also under Windows your media library with iTunes manage, play and even expand quickly by buying. But there are some reasons why you want to turn his back iTunes, whether this is for example not supported audio formats (FLAC, AAC, etc.), the connection to Apple or the change in the operation are.

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95403iTunes: This is what the media player

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Media Monkey: A lot of control for your Apple product

Optical miles away, concentrated by a styled player like iTunes iTunes Alternatives: The six best programs for WindowsMediaMonkey is on the essentials and convinces with its numerous configuration options and the wide range of functions. Especially users with large music collection will feel comfortable with MediaMonkey because managing thousands of titles with the program is easier and a lot faster than with many competitors.

Moreover, podcasts can be downloaded with the tool and managed to rip CDs and burn or create ID3 tags and adapted. The program helps in the search for duplicates and generates reports and statistics. All these features are included in the free version of Media Player. Also of advantage: You can share your iPod and iPhone with MediaMonkey synchronize and convert file formats to others even within the program.

For a one time payment of just 50 euros you can get a lifetime license for MediaMonkey. For half there is a license for the current version numbers. You get it though all the updates for the current major version (currently 4.X) - this license but no longer applies to all versions 5.X then. but the functionality is very comprehensive and included in the free version. MediaMonkey is available for Windows and Android and offers, like Winamp, different skins, while enhancing the initially quite simple design something.

Foobar2000: The free format Genius

Winamp Alternative foobar2000

Flyweight and simultaneous multi-format Artist: foobar2000 knows how to impress with the basics. The player supports almost any music format on this planet and using the so-called &# 8220; Components&# 8221; this may even be extended. Sun supports foobar2000 addition to MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, and many other formats, for example, with the Game Emu Player exotic music formats that have been used by various consoles. The default interface is kept very simple, but can be customized for that.

Although a sync with the current Apple devices is not without problems, but older iPhones and iPods (iOS4) can be brought with the iPod Manager to communicate with the players. Since developers Resolute diligently on smartphone counterpart foobar2000 mobile works for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 10 but could also occur soon improve. The mobile version allows meanwhile been also supporting many audio formats, gapless playback, and playback and download from a UPnP media server.

foobar2000downloadQR codefoobar2000Developer: Resolute Limited *Price: Free foobar2000downloadQR codefoobar2000Developer: ResolutePrice: Free

CopyTrans Manager: simplicity in the foreground

CopyTrans ManagerCopyTrans Manager is a very clear and focused alternative to iTunes.

The CopyTrans Manager advertises already on your own website in order to be an iTunes alternative. This is also the core of the program that manages your Apple devices and is mainly limited to media content such as videos, music and audio books. Who wants to manage contacts, photos or apps need for additional downloads. Here, some of the individual programs are even more comprehensive than iTunes.

The service is as good as a matter of course: You choose a song, video or ringtone and you can then choose to add the selected medium to a playlist, remove from the oven, remove from a playlist using four large buttons on the top bar, or to edit.

Clementine: The cross-system Früchtchen

Winamp Alternative Clementine

The abgesplitete the popular Linux media player Amarok clementines segment fits at least in advance with the fruit basket of the Apple products. So you can transfer since Clementine Version 0.5 your music directly on iPhone and iPod. Moreover, the media player supports several streaming services and internet radios like Spotify, Grooveshark or SoundCloud.

Clementine always remains clear and is relatively easy to use, only the somewhat frumpy look unconvinced each user. For this, the cross-platform coverage is a clear advantage: Clementine is in fact not only available for Windows, but also Linux, OS X and even the Raspberry Pi. So you can also use with various systems you the same features.

Songbird: The all-rounder has come a bit old

Songbird_2.0.0_ (windows_7)Birds and monkeys have so a lot in common: So Songbird Media Monkey is not so dissimilar, but does already in the original version already pay more attention to the design. Who raises only a glimpse of the program, it could in this case even confused with the media player from Apple, because Songbird seems that with the "alternative to iTunes" to have very much to heart and iTunes users attract especially with a similar user interface to want.

Songbird is an all-in-one solution, because the player not only reproduces media content, but also acts as a browser. It is based on VLC and XUL of Mozilla Foundation and feels accordingly very familiar to Firefox or Thunderbird users to. Songbird finds music files on web pages and plays in its own playlist from. Synchronization is still possible, at least with older iPods. This brings us to the biggest drawback: Since June 2013, further development of Songbird has been set. Nevertheless, the program for many still a nice alternative to iTunes is that has a broad functional and design-technically presentable as before. With the new iOS generation of players but will not be compatible, which also qualifies him only limited as a real alternative for iTunes.

Winamp: Yes, there are!

winampWinamp is and will remain an alternative for iTunes. We are especially excited about the new version.

A serving of nostalgia complacent? Mid-2000s was Winamp still at the forefront when it came to media playback. But even if the player has lost with the numerous design skins in recent years massively in popularity, it's there still. Even in its present form it does not need to hide from media player likes of iTunes. He still plays music from hardworking, DVDs can play and burn both directly from the program - yes, it is supposed to still be people who burn CDs. The administration's own music library is very simple and clear possible.

The disadvantages of Winamp are clear, but not underestimating. There are, for example, no store can be purchased in the music as it provides iTunes. The synchronization between Winamp and Apple mobile devices like the iPad or iPhone does not work. This means that you should at least not entirely separate from iTunes if you want to synchronize his iOS device now and then. Winamp is free and can be downloaded directly from the website of the Media Player.

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