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As with almost any other game series an addon is thrown on the gaming market after another for The Sims at regular intervals. Also, the latest offshoot of The Sims 4 is no exception. But what additions and updates are actually available for the life simulation? We'll tell it to you in our overview.

As usual already with the predecessors of the simulation series, EA and Maxis provide their successful video game brand The Sims 4 again with different extensions out. These addons broach various areas. Thus the accessories DLCs rich with its modern and chic furniture from the kitchen to living room up to terrace and the Garden. If you the original game in the long run too boring, you can The Sims 4 with a lot of DLC and expansion packs pimp. We show you all additions and updates to The Sims 4 in detail.

The Sims 4 receives regular extensions to spice up your gameplay.The Sims 4 receives regular extensions to spice up your gameplay.

Table of Contents:

  • Enhancements for The Sims 4 (soon pets !!!)
  • Gameplay packs for The Sims 4
  • Stuff pack for The Sims 4

Electronic Arts now supplies his world of Sims additional content, the you can play. As with Sims 3 are the new cities for your Sim and Clothes, hairstyles or even pets. In Sims 2, this expansion pack were also released. Examined your Sim to new work? Then you should look at you the following expansion packs and add-ons. but first we explain what is the difference between the respective names of the add-ons in the fourth part of Sims.

The Sims 4 &# 8211; Original game: Upgrade packs and other versions

the SIMS 4-extensions-original play-digital deluxeEven the original game you can buy in different versions. There is the normal main game and a Digital Deluxe version. The latter is only digitally and Origin. Do you want to upgrade to the Digital Deluxe version, you can buy yourself a more favorable update. Containing the upgrade or deluxe version:

  • Party night: You get wild party costumes, funny decorations and a laser show.
  • Partykracher: This deluxe content promises you stylish outfits and a flaming tiki bar.
  • Great animal hats: The name says it all &# 8211; so you get great animal hats.
  • soundtrack with music from the game

Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin*

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Enhancements for The Sims 4

Expansion packs are major updates to the main game. Add to you not only additional gameplay, but also new furniture and new interactions. In addition, is also getting a new town for your Sims this, you can build and live in. The price of this pack amounts to the launch 39.99 euro.

The pets are almost there! Even more creative possibilities!

N / A? Are you looking forward even as much as I to the pets? from the November 10, 2017 we can create cats and dogs, and integrate them into our family. There are a color wheel, and various brush to magic spots, stamp or other pattern on the skin of your dog. He who does not want to be overly creative act out, can also select pre-races. Who else knows Pets in The Sims 2 and 3, should still remember this creative mode. What is new is the The veterinary profession. Which is probably not quite independently earn his money. Similar to a restaurant can build or buy their own practice. As a doctor you must then accompany your Sim and the animals heal.

9806The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs Trailer

Until the pets make nice pastime your world upside down:

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City life: apartments, careers and speaking Klos

the SIMS 4-city life-coverFinally your Sims can again city make unsafe. Like the time in Bridgeport expect you back a lot of skyscrapers and bunte Lichter. The view of the city is majestic. The new the big city called San Myshuno and comes up with Karokebars and festivals. In addition, there are several districts in the city, which you can watch you. Click on your Sim in the respective district you open the guide and learn all kinds of information about the district. Another innovation compared to Sims 3, that your apartments have features, can make your lives belong to the head. A talking toilet, new Careers and features are waiting for you. In addition, you get modern and unusual oriental clothes and hairstyles for your Sims.

Buy Expansion big city life for The Sims 4 now*

5107The Sims 4 - big city life: Official Trailer

Time for Friends: cool groups, vibrant clubs and hot dance moves

the-sims-4-extensions-time-for-friendsIn Sims 4 Expansion Pack time for friends get you not only a new town called wind Castle and tons of new items for the gameplay. Also, now you can see the bottom right of the tab groups, and can either create a new group or join a social group. So you learn not only meet new Sims, but also gain unique bonuses. Gathers her many group points, can you trade them special attributes that make for a group meeting for positive effects. Will you do your homework or faster train more effectively? In addition, new skills with this DLC are added. Your Sims can Dance and the DJ ability to learn.

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9513The Sims 4 - Time for Friends: Come Wind castle!

Back to work: new careers in which you can be there

the SIMS 4-extensions-to-the-workingAs a doctor, police officer or scientists await you in &# 8220; Get to work&# 8221; three new professions including related venues in which you your Sims can actively control. You build your own outlets, branches and also learning new skills such as taking photos or To bake. As a special treat aliens land in the cities of the Sims, which can take up their first contact. it you do not care to save lives and to bring Simbabys the world can examine their sites and convert Sims by evidence and good interrogation techniques. As a scientist, you busy yourself with plants and build great new inventions. Have you expanded the jaw or shooting ability, should you conduct its own print shop or a sweet cafe!

The Sims 4 Buy Back to work now*3015The Sims 4 At Work launch trailer

Gameplay packs for The Sims 4

As the name suggests it, you'll get with the purchase here new gameplay. Also new furniture are. Here, but not is particularly large updates. Here you pay immediately after release 19.99 euro. Every now and then there is also the you may live a new city. But when Vampire DLC you only have four properties that you can build on it.

Parents pleasures: rebellious teenagers and Education

The Sims 4 parents joys gameplay Pack is designed to motivate you to work even more with the free update of the toddlers. She and her older teenage siblings are rebellious. get the teens Lashing out and pimples. With the new Educational capability but can influence the behavior of their children parents &# 8211; even long term. Namely they have done a perfect job, it will be easier for your offspring, to get better character and values ​​to be successful in life. Bring your children manners so that they fart at dinner, belch or curse. They also have to do household chores and can again get house arrest when they have done too much. children can school projects do with their family or medically examine her teddy, if they want in the medical career later times.

16618The Sims 4 - Parents pleasures: Official Trailer

Vampire: new, small town and bloodlust

the SIMS 4-extensions-vampireDark shadow creatures of the night soon move into the Sims world. With the gameplay Pack Vampire what works Jan. 24, 2017 will appear, you can make you vampire and bite other Sims. Here, four sets on The Sims plasma as a staple food, which environmentally conscious vampires can grow also to tap any Sims plasma. Also included is a new city, which Forgotten Hollow lists. Here the nights are longer than the days, what kind of vampires, of course, an enormous advantage &# 8211; after all, they burn in sunlight. Is your night creatures in the day boring, it can at the organ, the new organ ability build up.
4679The Sims 4 - Vampire: Official Trailer

Outdoor living: a song of mosquitoes and campfire

the-sims-4-extensions-outdoor livingRelax in nature it comes to the gameplay Pack &# 8220; outdoor life&# 8221 ;. Your pack your camping gear together and visited the new venue Granite Falls. There, you can expect campfire romance with all that goes with it: build tents, roast marshmallows and sing songs together. The new capability Herbalism brings you in improving to make potions and tinctures. Also can collect their new berries and fruits that you can turn to plant. These help you to brew remedy for mosquitoes.

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1290The Sims 4: Outdoor Life - Official Trailer

Spa day: relaxing massages and perennial Yoga

the-sims-4-extensions-wellness-dayYour Sims are from work or from the day itself stressed? The Sims 4 expansion spa day again creates Remedy and relaxes your Sims here. The new massage table helps to relax you. Have increased their wellness capability can, give her special massages. If not, you can simply a masseur Invite to you. However, in the new land you expect hot stone massages, saunas and yoga classes. Your Sims can also meditate and really relax and unlock secrets even as teleportation.

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647The Sims 4 - spa day: Official Trailer

Treats: Restaurants + experimental food = increasing Sims

the SIMS 4-extensions-treats-coverThe gameplay pack treats aimed at the Gourmet between you. With this expansion for The Sims 4 you can visit not only different theme restaurants. In addition, it acts as manager of a restaurant, where you choose the menu, hire staff and fire can and still has many other settings. How do you create a restaurant and can lead, we tell you elsewhere. In this gameplay Pack is all about the food. So can you new foods &# 8211; privately &# 8211; cooking. Included are the first time experimental dishes, However, requiring a high cooking or gourmet skills level. Treats appeared on June 7, 2016.

Buy gameplay Pack treats in Bundle*

1545The Sims 4 flavors - Official Trailer

Stuff pack for The Sims 4

This type of expansion pack recognizes it already at the name. It always ends with &-Accessoires; # 8220&# 8221; and it accounts 9.99 EUR to book. These DLCs add you new furniture and clothes in the game. In addition, your Sims learn new interactions that they use with the new items. In the following list you'll receive a overview about the current stuff pack for The Sims 4:

  • Toddler Accessories: In addition to a new slide, a tunnel and a ball pit you can now play meet other young children and their parents agree. New outfits and costumes as well as new interactions with the little ones are possible.
  • Fitness accessories: A climbing wall, the corresponding (but hidden) climbing ability as well as new headphones are waiting for you in this stuff pack. In addition to other clothes, hairstyles and furniture you can you also look forward to new sports videos who watch your Sim and can train with it.
  • Bowling Evening Accessories: new furniture and Co. in 50s style. Has its big-city life can start their bowling groups. The core element is the bowling, but where you can not actively control your Sim.
  • Garden Fun Accessories: new furniture, hairstyles and clothes, garden water slides, birdhouses, wind chimes and fresh lemonade
  • Children's accessories: new furniture, clothes, hairstyles and interactions for children, for example, Game console and Puppet Theater
  • Romantic garden accessories: Victorian-inspired gardens and furniture, wishing well and flowery outfits
  • Home Theater Accessories: Popcorn machine, projection screen and boho-chic outfits
  • Horror accessories: Pumpkin cutting-board, Candy Key, creepy party outfits and -Accessoires
  • Cool Kitchen accessories: Ice machine, new kitchen furniture and clothes and hairstyles
  • Sundecks accessories: Hot tubs, new, casual clothes and pool accessories and garden furniture
  • Luxury Party Accessories: classy party furniture such as buffet tables and table fountains, sequined dresses and tuxedos

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