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With the classic game World of Warcraft as the basis of the film had Warcraft: The Beginning meet a very high bar. Critics and fans were and are very different opinions as to whether they have been fulfilled. We ask at this point less on the quality of the film as to whether there will be its continuation.

Some was Warcraft: The Beginning of fantasy Fail of the year 2016. Others refer to him as a good fan and adventure film, which came just too late. At the time of games hype around 2005 around the reactions and criticisms would have been different to the film. But after the Lord of the Rings movies and Game of Thrones Warcraft is a little weak, therefore. Makes a continuation under these conditions any sense? All about a possible new production, actors, script and release can be found here.

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Warcraft: The Beginning 2: Will there be a second part?

Since it is not the critic who decide whether a film does not get a sequel or, but the studio bosses, the numbers are the decisive factor in this case: The first part has swallowed a production budget of 160 million US Doller. He has taken it probably a total of 430 million dollars. As a second part should really be inside. But much more interesting at this sum as it is composed.

  • Germany: The video game adaptation was in this country for three weeks at the box office top. Seen the film have about 1.2 million people. He has taken 15.7 million dollars.
  • RussiaWith revenues of 22.5 million US dollars a non-negligible country.
  • USAThe theatrical release was rather moderate here. Manageable 47 million US dollars were recorded in the first days.
  • ChinaIn the first five days, the film scored a box office record of 155 million euros. So that the previous record holder Furious 7 and Avengers 2 were: Age of Ultron deported at number two and three.
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The Wrap talked with Sky Moore, who was frequently at US-China productions involved. This said that it was quite possible that will be released Warcraft 2 not only exclusively in China, will be but even tailored specifically for the Chinese audience. This could, for example, by the cast Chinese actor be replaced. But that's just way off. Specific plans there yet.

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Warcraft: The Beginning 2: What does the director Duncan Jones?

Various magazines have interviewed the director of Warcraft Duncan Jones to a sequel. Collider over he said that he had spent the last three and a half years in the film and at first just want to relax. Ultimately, however, a possible continuation would depend on whether the fans also want the would. However, he himself speaks of a trilogy and first consider how you could go on narrative. The first part has not called "The Beginning" in the title and a pretty open-ended. It tells how the Orcs losing their homes. so it must be told whether and how to find a new home. But Jones also said that he would like to be spectator who looks at the next part as a fan. Either way, once there are concrete plans or other news about Warcraft 2, we inform you exactly where to do so.