What is called “viral”? Meaning and definition of viral videos

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For some time now that this spread "virally" to read more commonly associated with video or other content on the net. But what does this "viral" in connection with videos on the net at all?

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When content spread online "viral", you do not understand such as the spread of a computer virus that spying on private data or cause other virtual damage.

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What's viral? Meaning and definition of viral videos

Rather is meant by a "viral video" a video clip that spreads on the Internet quickly and without major influence of video copyright, or -Anbieters. Information about a product, service, or other ingredients, the contents of the video are spread as a viral video, similar to a biological virus from person to person. The content in viral videos to be as spectacular, mysterious or funny that the clip of viewers via social networks, email and more divided and so a larger audience can be seen.

Little Chicks Take Their First Flight from Djawid Hakimyar on Vimeo.

Unlike traditional advertising campaigns viral videos offer a disproportionate success with relatively low financial and organizational effort in the ideal case.

What is called "viral"? Meaning and definition of viral videos

The best viral videos in 2014

Examples of viral videos in the recent past about the new advert of Edeka with Scooter frontman H. P. Baxxter, the devilish baby on YouTube or Psys record hit "Gangnam Style". The video gained their popularity especially the fact that these were shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and thus spread "viral".

What is called "viral"? Meaning and definition of viral videos

Meanwhile, awarded by the Heinrich Boell Foundation annually as part of the International Short Film Festival in Berlin, the Viral Video Awards for the best viral videos of the year. 2014 the video "Little Chicks Take Their First Flight" of Djawid Hakimyar won the 1000 € doped Audience Award for the "Best Viral 2014", the prize for the best "political Viral" slumped Richard Beerd for the viral "Most Shocking Second a Day "video one.

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