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With Microsoft's so-called Insider Program is Windows 10 can fully test before the official release. We explain who everything can register as an insider and why Windows 10 offers for free download before release.

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As a registered Insider you can download and try it 10 preview version of Windows before release. This applies 10 Mobile for the desktop version and for the smartphone version Windows. But why does Microsoft's and who can be everything an insider?

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What is the Windows 10 Insider Program? - Easily explained

Microsoft provides on its website to the Insider Program. Under this program, the group released preview versions of Windows 10 as an ISO files can be downloaded IT enthusiasts and developers and test - for example, by installing in Virtualbox Windows 10th

Tip: Even if you have 10 installed the ordinary version of Windows, you can in the update setup continues the insider builds retrieve.In Insider Program 10 you invite you Windows as a preview version.In Insider Program 10 you invite you Windows as a preview version.

The ISO files is not a fully functional Windows 10. There is a preview version - the so-called insider Preview - which is still in development and constantly continues to work on the Microsoft - with the help of insiders. For the Insider Preview continuously sends usage data to Microsoft.

but users can also get active and Microsoft to submit concrete proposals to improve Windows 10th For this purpose, they simply use the pre-installed app feedback in Windows 10. Optimally, Microsoft takes into consideration the proposals and they are then converted into the final version of Windows 10th The Group has published about new Windows 10 icons after too many users had complained about this.

About the feedback app give insider further improvements for Windows 10 to Microsoft.About the feedback app give insider further improvements for Windows 10 to Microsoft.

The Feedback Microsoft provides so little by little new preview versions, called builds, which may include new features. Insider upgrade to the new versions of Windows 10 then out via Windows Update. Here's how it goes on and on 10 completed optimized and is stable for the final release to Windows.

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Who can do everything Windows insiders?

Anyone can be Windows Insider, even if the program is aimed primarily at developers. To do this you need to create and you sign up so that the Insider Program only a Microsoft account. After that you can insiders Preview download as an ISO file and install Windows 10, either as a virtual machine in VirtualBox or as an upgrade over your existing operating system. The latter is not recommended, however, as the insider previews are usually still erratic and faulty.

A big advantage of the Windows Insider Program: Windows Insiders can use 10 free Windows. This is but only because Microsoft will let the Insider Program, even after the release of Windows 10 still continue to gather feedback. The Windows 10 previews do not have a full license key, but only so-called pre-release keys that are valid only until Microsoft terminates the Insider Program. Also, users need to regularly update on new builds, if any, so that the key validity is further extended.

Of course you can the Windows 10 Insider program again later leave: leave Insider Program - Here's how: Windows 10th

use Windows 10 as an insider free and legal, even without Key

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