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Even if you rarely used his smartphone, the battery lasts usually by no more than one day. Even more annoying it is natural when making apps or background services selbtständig and suck the cell phone battery empty even faster than would normally be the case &# 8211; so for example, sometimes at the service Android OS or Android operating system.

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What is the Android OS service at all?

If you click on the entry Android OS or Android system, you can see the services that are summarized under the entry.If you click on the entry Android OS, Android OS or Android system, you can see the services that are summarized under the entry.

The service Android OS or Android system or Android operating system (depending on the language settings and software version of your own smartphones) summarizes the internal processes of the Android operating system together. Typically you would have with this service no big problem. If he, however, excessively consumes a lot of electricity, then the whole thing is quickly annoying.

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is often to blame in the bow. This only occurs running Android 4.0. Users with Android 2.3 or even older versions usually need not worry about the power consumption of the service to make. But the service's Android operating system even without this bug consumes more battery frequently much as you want.

Am I affected by the Android OS bug? Which apps are responsible for the high consumption of the Android operating system?

Since some services under the name Android OS are combined, it is quite normal that the entry in the usage statistics of Android appears. If you use the device as good as not, the process can also appear at the top of the list without a problem. It becomes difficult only when the battery loses much in a short time to charge. This is sometimes what is mentioned on the bow and more frequently problematic apps and system settings.

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To check how much battery Android OS consumes you, and if the bug is, click on Settings -> Battery. Here are entered all the services and apps. Most often, also the service process Android OS or Android operating system to find, at issue in this article.

So the bug caused the high battery consumption

Why the service consumes as much battery? This is because that when the bug is, the smartphone deters to switch to sleep mode. While the CPU is not when most of the time running at full strength, but a smartphone keeps only by long, &# 8220; sleep&# 8221; can. Why is this so important, we describe to you in this article: WakeLock Android: battery consumption without cell phone use eliminate - Here's how. If your battery very warm, read our article mobile is hot: So you protect your phone from overheating.

But wrong system settings and running app can ensure that Android system consumes much more energy without having had a significant value of the background processes. the value is especially important here remain active and keep awake. Is this very high, it may be that one is affected by WakeLock bug or some uninstall on his cell phone and / or discontinue otherwise should.

android-os-battery-3My smartphone runs for about five hours. Although good 31m CPU time are not a little, but can be seen here that the bug does not occur because the service does not keep the phone awake: Active leave: just under four minutes.

In the gallery you can see how normal (fairly good) should WakeLock times for Android OS look like (we dafürdas Moto G used).

Gallery Good WakeLock values ​​at Moto G

  • (Figure 1.6):
  • (Figure 6.2):
  • (Figure 3.6):
  • (Figure 4.6):
  • (Figure 6.5):
  • (Figure 6.6):

On the next page we tell you how you can tackle the problem with Android OS / Android OS.

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