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Protected files can not be changed. Would you like, for example, to rewrite a text in Word or edit another document, you must remove the write protection. We show you in our guide on how you can simply remove the write protection.

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So that files are accessible, you need to remove protection under certain circumstances. We have already shown you how to create in Word write protection and can pick up again and tell you below how you can remove the write protection for files.

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Remove Protection: Step by Step Guide

Want to work their read-only files and remove protection, you can just complete the

context menu


. this requirement is the Windows operating system.

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the file to open the context menu.
  2. selects there characteristics out.
    context menu
  3. Removes the tab General the checkbox read-onlyRemove write protection
  4. confirmed Take.
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Remove the write protection on several files

  • If you want to disable the write protection in multiple files, click a file, hold the Ctrl-button pressed and selects all other files by clicking. Now you go above before and removes read by right clicking on a selected file.
  • If all the data in a folder, you can right-click on the folder tab General the check mark in front Read-only (applies only to files in the folder) remove. Here, too, it closes the dialog if you on Take clicks.
  • Alternatively, you go to that folder and presses Ctrl + A, so that you marked all files and you can then remove the write protection by right-clicking.

Problems with the read

Can you file still does not work, it does not have the necessary rights. To unlock the protection, then you need administrator rights. It is easiest if the user is logged in to the PC, which also creates the file. but you can use a trick: Read-only files can copy it, move, and delete umbennennen. When you create a copy of the file, you can rename the new file and then edit.

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