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Windows 10 &# 8211; Yes or no? Computer owners who 2016 is not yet switched to the new operating system from Microsoft, currently facing this question, especially since Windows is the day after tomorrow no longer be available for free 10th What are the reasons for a transition which it? In the following article, we clarify these points and see if a switch for you is worthwhile.

Windows 10: 10 reasons to upgrade

73497Windows 10: Ten Reasons to Upgrade

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, available since July 29, 2015. Comparing the launch of Windows 10 with earlier versions of Windows Microsoft has had a much smoother release of the new operating system when that was still the case with Windows XP or Windows. 7 Users who switched directly, had initially still with numerous bugs and errors grapple that vermiesten a brave new world of Windows &# 8211; but since then followed numerous Stability and security updates. Meanwhile, because even 15% of all desktop users have Windows 10 installed on your computer &# 8211; which is still vorlässt many potential customers outside. Exactly these people are wondering currently &# 8211; especially in light of the day after expiring way to free update: Windows 10 &# 8211; Yes or no?

Windows 10 banner Small

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

Windows 10: Yes or no? This suggests

Windows 10 is certainly not a perfect operating system &# 8211; but there is such a thing? Compared to the unpopular Windows 8.1 Microsoft seems however to have (at least partially) belongs to the wishes of buyers at this time. Windows 10 combines the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8, comes in a modern contemporary design and is now running fast and stable. There are also a number of interesting new features &# 8211; and the best: Windows 10 is not (yet) available free of charge.

Windows 10 Start Menu

New features of Windows 10

Windows 10 provides a number of useful new features. These include the language assistant Cortana, the user-friendly support for virtual desktops as well as secure new browser Microsoft Edge as the successor of the infamous Internet Explorer. Windows 10 is also designed thanks to tablet mode by us to use with the increasingly popular tablets &# 8211; thanks Continuum can even smartphones will be upgraded to full-fledged Windows 10 machines in the future. The new approach Windows as a Service also ensures that Microsoft Windows will continue to expand in the future and expand 10.

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New and modern user interface

Overall, the user interface modern and tidier than the previous acts &# 8211; instead of just tiles in Windows 8.1, there is now a mix of tile look and Start Menu - Users can assemble thanks to numerous customization features its own request desktop. Windows 10 also has a two pronged: the average Joe consumer is pleased about the simplified interface &# 8211; longtime Windows users have the most well-known features but not do without, because they (mostly) are on board.

Windows 10 DesktopThe user interface of Windows 10 appears tidy and can be adapted by the user varied.

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Windows 10 for gamers: That brings Directx12

Windows 10 with DirectX 12 has a new, higher-performance version of the popular graphical interface. So far, DirectX 12, although more of a theoretical advantage &# 8211; only a few games support it and then not very good &# 8211; In the future this will change, but experience has shown. Interestingly should primarily the unified development environment be that this makes it easier to port games from consoles to PC. So Windows has 10 innately support for the Xbox One - thanks to DirectX 12, this cross-platform compatibility could be expanded.

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Hitman DirectX 12 PCHitman is one of the first games with full DirectX 12 support. In the future, many more titles are expected to follow.

Compatibility for software and hardware

Because Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, you can assume that newer programs or hardware are not compatible with older versions of Windows in the future. So far, this is still not a major problem &# 8211; Who wants to stay up to date, you should still consider to upgrade. While Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system of Windows, and it will be powered by 2020 with security updates &# 8211; but that is no guarantee that new games and programs are run for future reference.

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Windows 10: Yes or no? This speaks against

Of course, everything is not equal better, only because Windows is new 10 &# 8211; and there are some criticisms. So it is criticized by many users that Windows spying over 10, also missing some features and also the subject of Windows as a Service provides grounds for criticism. Below you will find some arguments against Windows.

Windows 10 Thumbs Down

Windows 10: The vexing issue of data protection

Certainly, the main criticism of many observers: Windows 10 collects an excessive number of user data. For completeness, it is necessary to note that even today make almost all other companies &# 8211; better it is thus not. Although Microsoft emphasized that it would therefore only improve the user experience &# 8211; nevertheless remains the (legitimate) suspicion that one uses the thus collected data for commercial purposes, e.g. to switch appropriate advertising for Microsoft products. Fortunately, leave many settings manually disable.

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Disadvantages of Windows as a Service: Automatic Updates

Of course Windows as as service also brings disadvantages. So install Windows 10 without asking automatic updates  &# 8211; which can lead to compatibility problems if existing drivers are already rewritten and the device will no longer work. Again, the enstprechenden settings with some fine tuning can manually disable again: When average Joe consumers the auto updates yet caring for numerous problems.

Windows 10 updatesAnnoying: Updates are automatically installed in Windows 10 by default.

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Missing features inWindows 10

Windows 10 has most of the features one would expect from an operating system. but some features are missing: The Windows Media Center for example, was deleted without replacement &# 8211; thus it is no longer easily possible to play DVDs or Blu-ray discs. The DVD Maker software and Flip3D feature of Windows 7 are no longer with us. In addition, Windows 10, this feature in 2016 probably no one will miss not support more disk drives.

Windows 10 DVD appWithout app it is not possible to play DVDs in Windows 10th Cost: around 15, - Euro.

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Compatibility for software and hardware

New programs and hardware will be designed in the future on Windows 10th Who now umsteigt, but runs the risk that older devices and applications are not compatible with Windows 10. This becomes especially for peripheral devices such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapters felt: After the switch, the hardware does not work anymore because the drivers are outdated. Result: Many users complain that as the WiFi does not work anymore, although you do not have anything changed on the computer. To avoid this, you should before the switch therefore a precaution check how it looks with the compatibility.

Windows 10-Cons: That speaks against the move

Windows 10: Yes or no? No clear answer

The question &# 8220; Windows 10 &# 8211; Yes or no?&# 8221; can also not be in 2016 with a unique &# 8220; Yes&# 8221; or &# 8220; No&# 8221; answer. We are using Windows 10 on different computers, since October 2015, and are generally very satisfied with the modern interface and new features. Even larger bugs or other problems arose for us despite daily work with Windows 10th to upgrade a compelling reason, there is not (yet): Those who continue a perfectly configured Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 used should get no major problems over the next 1- 2 years.

Windows 10 banner

Medium and long term you should consider switching yet. It is not so much about the end of free upgrades end of July 2016 and the annoying prompts Microsoft finally upgrade. Crucial is the question of the future: Support for new software and hardware will inevitably eventually migrated to the latest version of the operating system &# 8211; and PC games will then run only with Windows 10th And even if Windows 7 is supplied by Extended Support until the beginning of 2020 with the most necessary security patches, operating system acts in parts outdated today.

Those who want to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, has until July 29, 2016 Time &# 8211; after Windows 10 is around 100, -euro cost. but with a little preparation you can install Windows 10 even after the 29 July 2016 still free.