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With Thunderbird you can access online to your e-mail accounts and check email and send. You can win a furnished Thunderbird account but again delete and remove. What does this mean and how to do that, we show in this manual.

Video Tip: use Thunderbird as a portable version

8010Winload Thunderbird Portable Video

If you use the e-mail client Thunderbird, its furnished accounts can also delete.

Thunderbird: Delete the account - which you must note

If you delete a Thunderbird account, considering this is that Thunderbird will only access your e-mail account online, which you have in turn created when an e-mail providers such as Google or GMX. If you delete your associated Thunderbird account so that's not your real e-mail account from the provider. The need do on the website of the provider:

  • Delete Gmail account &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s step by step
  • GMX account Delete: Guidance on the cancellation of the account

Important: Before you delete your Thunderbird account, you should consider whether you your password for your email account yet know. Otherwise, you should read the Thunderbird password before you delete anything. If you have made a mistake, we show here, as you your deleted e-mail account can recover.

Thunderbird: Delete the account - instructions

If you want to delete a Thunderbird account, it does the following:

  1. Click on the left with the right mouse button on the main tab of the Thunderbird account that want to delete it.
  2. Selects settings.
  3. Making sure that you have left also selected the main tab of your account in the new window.

    Here clears her your Thunderbird account.Here clears her your Thunderbird account.

  4. Click below the drop-down menu accounts actions and selects the entry Remove account from.
  5. Confirmed the security question with OK.
  6. Your Thunderbird account is now deleted.
  7. You can proceed this so on, if you still want to remove other Thunderbird accounts.

Note: If no accounts are found in Thunderbird, you can also uninstall it Thunderbird. Follow the instructions to: Windows 10, 7, 8: uninstall programs. Also read, can such change her your Thunderbird password or delete.