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LS 15 Mods: KRONE BIG L500 Prototype (WIP)

As an import from the Farming Simulator 2013 you may still knows the combine BIG L500 KRONE. Mowing the lawn in a big way and transports it directly into the 80,000 liters large trailer. BIG L500 is all-wheel-operated and comes to 30 kmh. (Author: Jaison)

  • Price: € 158,500
  • Maintenance: 576 € / day

download* (9 MB)


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LS 15 Mods: Beacon Light

With the Mod Beacon Light of Speedy11vc receive both the standard Man Truck 2, Ponnse Buffalo and Scorpio King and the Fliegl low loader and the Timber Runner-round lights.

download* (78.5 MB)

beacon light-mod


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