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Who wants back the television of the nineties and especially game shows like "Ruck Zuck" or the "Family Feud" missing soon gets a reason to take the remote control in his hand again. In June 2016 starts with RTL Plus, a new television channel RTL Group.

All about RTL PLUS in the video:


Here you can find everything about the planned program and information about the reception of RTL Plus.

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RTL Plus 2016: Information about the start, program and reception

Until 1992 today RTL channels broadcast under the official name "RTLplus". 2016, the name is being revived, but with a completely new program. The start of RTLplus is on 4 June.

  • Received can you RTL Plus on free TV, a pay-TV subscription such as for ProSieben Fun HD or other niche channels is not necessary.
  • The self-proclaimed target group of the transmitter is the "female audience aged 45 and over".
  • The program consists daytime especially from repetitions known RTL programs together. Among them are several court shows and other docu-soaps.
  • Repetitions of Lets Dance seasons and age RTL series, including "Behind Bars - The women's prison" or "Dr. Stefan Frank "will be available in the program of RTL Plus.
  • In the evening there will be new editions of the iconic game shows from the 90s.
  • You can see then new episodes of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Ruck Zuck and family duel.
  • Online can you apply you for the reboot of the game shows as candidates.


In the website of the radio station you will find a complete overview of the upcoming program of RTLplus.

RTL Plus 2016 received: How to&# 8217; s via satellite and cable

At the start of the transmitter in the night of June 3 to June 4 can receive RTL Plus via satellite. Via Entertain RTLplus will be available for launch. It is planned to Sendetart under &Let; # 8220&# 8217; s Dance&# 8221; the main transmitter. Inca housing and Joachuim Llambi should jointly seinleiten the start. Then the transmitter can be found using the search function of the receiver. In the cable TV RTLplus is broadcast, but only delayed. Unity Media announces the launch of RTL Plus in the cable for about four weeks after its launch. There you go to on July 1.

The frequency of receiving RTL Plus:

satelliteASTRA 19.2 ° East
frequency12.188 GHz
service nameRTLplus
service ID12080
Symbol rate27,500

Those without satellite dish or cable connection at Unity Media, RTLplus can receive the stream via TVNow. There's broadcasts RTLplus online can be found in the stream. Parallel to the TV broadcast can be received in this way RTLplus in the live stream. The program is available in addition as a repeat 30 days following the TV broadcast on PC and laptop for viewing. However, a paid TV NOW PLUS access is necessary for the RTLplus live stream. The repetitions can be viewed for free on the net.


Image Sources: Ollyy, Goran Bogicevic

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