Tomodachi Life: get baby – Here’s how

Similarly, as in real life, is needed as Tomodachi Life some groundwork before your Mii can put a baby into the world. Here you learn how you come fastest to a baby in Tomodachi Life and what you should consider it.

Tomodachi Life: get baby - Here's how

Anders, as in real life, your Miis must first be married before a virtual baby can be conceived.

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So you can get babies in Tomodachi Life

  • Of course, you should also after the wedding to make sure that the Miis understand each other, so that the baby can be created.
  • After Mii wedding you have to wait you some time.
  • Then a Mii himself comes to the proposal to be able to conceive a baby in Tomodachi Life.
  • Pays attention on the heart icon over the Mii heads.
  • Now it is free to you whether you share the decision or want to defer the baby.
  • In an agreement the baby appears after two days.
  • A visible pregnancy phase does not exist for your Mii women.
  • Is the birth of the baby in Tomodachi Life before, a phone appears on the screen.
  • The Mii announces the birth of the child.
  • You will be redirected to the house of the two Miis where the Mii woman already Hoelt the newborn in his hands.
  • Now you your wish baby can create in Tomodachi Life and specify gender, appearance, name and personality.

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Tomodachi Life: get baby - Here's how

A maximum number of babies per Mii family there is not, so you can fire on all cylinders, if you want to create an extended family in Tomodachi Life. The baby is assumed, among other things for unlocking various features. In the town hall you find the entry for the baby until it has reached the child status after four to five days. Visited her a Mii apartment in which a baby has his home, you can select the "babysitting" option and activate a puzzle.


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