Google Chrome: install Blocked extensions and add-ons – so it’ll work

With browser extensions you can not only make surfing the web faster, but also benefit from useful additional functions in many cases. For each browser, there are different extensions, but not all always install with one click. do they not come from the official Chrome Web Store, certain add-ons for Google Chrome are not as easy to activate. We tell you the following article how you can install the extensions yet.

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With the Extensions for Chrome can customize their browser on your surfing habits. If you want to see blocked videos on YouTube to help some extensions. Others support you going to go unwanted content out of the way. But not every app can also be installed easily, even if they are not from the official Chrome Web Store comes. since Google Chrome 35 some additional apps like YouTube Unlocker can no longer be used as easy. How are yet, we'll show you now.

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Install blocked apps in Google Chrome

Step 1: Find Blocked Extension

If you have already installed extensions that have been blocked and ye leave to share, you have to find once the file to. So you go about it:

  1. Opens the Chrome menu, by clicking on the upper right edge to the three stripes.
  2. now selects settings and in the next menu extensions.
  3. Now you sit at the top of a tick in Developer mode.
  4. Check out the add-on to that is affected, noting you the first five digits of the ID.

YouTube Unblocker

Step 2: Move Blocked Extension

The next step is the blocked extension from the directory where it was installed, cut out and moved to another location. Here, it does the following:

  1. Opens the Start menu Computer.
  2. now therefore get in the address bar, type: % Username% \ AppData.
  3. Click it to you through the subdirectories Local -> Google -> Chrome -> User Data -> Default -> Extensions.
  4. Now you need again the first five digits of the extension ID.
  5. The matching folder opens it and copies the contents to another folder.

Step 3: Add an extension to Chrome

In the last step, you now want to be able to also enable the extension in the browser. Is as follows:

  1. Reopens the extensions-Menu as the first step.
  2. Now you delete the extension that you wish to install by clicking on the Trash can icon.
  3. Scroll up and click on Load unpacked extension.
  4. Select the file that you moved her before.
  5. A message should come that informs you that a new background app added. Then the extension should be seen in the corresponding menu of Google Chrome and enabled.

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