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Your photo is not as colorful as hoped? Now you want to conjure up your image a sepia effect in Photoshop? Or want her to use a sepia filter in GIMP? This is of course no problem with both tools. So you come quickly to your destination, you will find here are two easy ways in Photoshop and GIMP.

Photoshop Sepia

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What's Sepia in photography anyway?

Sepia denotes a yellowish-brown or even a reddish-brown color, the faded black and white photos is modeled. The term "sepia" comes from the same name of the dye from squid ink. This is for black pasta and occasionally used as ink. The name was adopted for the vintage photography. Sepia is characterized by a reduced color gamut, one can produce various types of software.

use Sepia in Photoshop: Photoshop

Photoshop: Correction

  1. Open a photo and then calls the adjustment layer black and white correction. Either via image> Correction -> Black and white or Alt + Shift + Ctrl + B.Sepia effect-in GIMP and Photoshop create
  2. Now you can desaturate the way you would like the colors. You can increase the contrast by original colors or decrease.
  3. Then you set a check mark in the hue and selects a sepia tone.

Photoshop: sepia tint on Action

  1. This action must not charge separately it because Photoshop has it already installed. Gets through window> Actions on if they are not already open.
  2. Examined the action sepia tone (level).Sepia effect-in GIMP and Photoshop create
  3. Before you press the "Play" button, you checked again whether you are on the right level. If this is the case, you can start the action.
  4. It opened gradually window that you confirmed with OK.
  5. The last window gives you again the possibility of adapting the sepia tone.
  6. Confirmed her again with OK, then you have achieved your goal.

GIMP: sepia effect by correcting and colorize

After you have started the free software GIMP, you open as usual a photo.

In the top menu bar you click on color>Coloring and operates the knob until you have the desired result. The color should be 25 to 38 and the saturation 20-25 are (see picture). In the end, decides the eye which numbers are right.Sepia effect-in GIMP and Photoshop create

It is of course also possible to edit the image in advance with the curves or brightness / contrast before their inking it. That's up to you.

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