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Do you want to convert audio files to another format? No problem: The Free MP3 WMA Converter download provides all the necessary tools for converting to Mac, PC, iPod and MP3 player compatible audio formats.

The manufacturer Koyote Soft offers the Free MP3 WMA Converter Download a handy tool to, the can be audio files easily convert it to another format. Installation of the program is fast, handling is easy and the choice of formats quite appealing. So the following audio formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC and WAV. Simply drag & Drop principle be inserted the files that applies to transform it into the program and the required target format specified. Other details such as bit and sampling rate can also be adjusted. Here, you can individually determine whether you want to convert one or more files &# 8211; for the Free MP3 WMA Converter download even large music collections are not a problem. One advantage is in addition to compatibility with other devices, the space on the hard drive, which one saves when converting, for example WAV to MP3 files.

Free MP3 WMA Converter

Free MP3 WMA Converter Download: Even CD Ripper and tag editor included

Moreover, the Free MP3 WMA Converter download includes an audio ripper, matching the audio CDs of the user easily in MP3 or OGG format on the hard drive. In addition, the tag editor for the possibility of title, artist and other information for the song makes add.

Note: The installer of Free MP3 WMA Converter contains adware. Their installation can, however, prevent her by her during the installation process &# 8220; Custom Installation&# 8221; selected and deselecting the corresponding check mark.

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