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With the YouTube app you can play videos in the background - neither Android nor iOS. but it works now in some browser apps like Chrome, Dolphin and Yandex. We show you how this works.

Play YouTube videos in the background

I play on the smartphone like YouTube videos, and surf alongside the browser or open another app. But once you no longer active has the YouTube video in the foreground, playback stops - the music or the video stops automatically. Meanwhile, there are fortunately browser apps that work around the problem.

How this works on Android in Chrome, we show you in our video:
6959YouTube videos play in the background (for Android)

Android (Chrome)

  1. Installed or updated Chrome browser, if not already done. We use version 61st
    Google Chrome: Safe SurfingdownloadQR codeGoogle Chrome: Safe SurfingDeveloper: Google LLCPrice: Free
  2. Opens in Chrome website
  3. Click the top right of the Chome three points (Not the three points from YouTube) selects and Request Desktop Version out.
  4. now plays the YouTube video from, the want to look her in the background.
  5. pushes the Home button, YouTube is set to the background.
  6. Wipe from top to bottom and opens the status bar.
  7. Typed there on the Play Button. The video plays in the background.
In Chrome her YouTube videos playing in the background fromIn Chrome her YouTube videos playing in the background from

Note: If you will asked that YouTube would you view notifications, accepted the hint. In addition, the next video does not start automatically in a YouTube playlist.

IOS (Dolphin)

  1. Invite you down the Dolphin browser.
    The app was not found in the store.
  2. Opens in the Web page
  3. Plays the video that want to play it in the background.
  4. Changes to the home screen and wipes upwards to open the control center.
  5. There you can continue playing in the background.

Alternatively may work the browser Safari or Firefox with this method.

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Alternatively apps to play YouTube videos in the background

The following apps we have also successfully tested on Android. The background playback also works on the iPhone with Firefox and Chrome.


The short answer: Forget the YouTube app and installed the Firefox browser. Even if that's not your favorite browser, you can use it yet to play just to YouTube videos in the background.

The Firefox app plays YouTube videos from in the background when you switch to another app.The Firefox app plays YouTube videos in the background when you switch to another app.
  1. Installed Firefox.
  2. Open in Firefox, the website YouTube.
  3. Starts your video and switches to another app.
  4. Lo and behold: The tone continues in the background as long as you do not completely finished the app.
Firefox: private + safe surfingdownloadQR codeFirefox: private + safe surfingDeveloper: MozillaPrice: Free Internet browser FirefoxdownloadQR codeInternet browser FirefoxDeveloper: Mozilla *Price: Free

Yandex browser

Also in Yandex Browser we were able to play YouTube videos in the background:

  1. In your browser, Yandex you can open the website YouTube and play a video.
  2. then opens a new tab, where you surf customized or can visit other web sites while running in the background the YouTube video.
  3. You can also minimize the browser app. The video continues to run anyway.
Yandex Browser with ProtectdownloadQR codeYandex Browser with ProtectDeveloper: ЯндексPrice: Free Yandex browserdownloadQR codeYandex browserDeveloper: Yandex LLC *Price: Free

Note: Now and then the YouTube video has stopped in the background to play, but we could not find the cause.

Android apps that can not play YouTube videos

The following additional apps we tested, the no can play YouTube videos (as of February 2017).

  • Opera Mini
  • CM browser
  • UC browser
  • Armorfly browser

YouTube app: Why can not we play in the background videos?

  • Google sells the background playback feature in its payment offer YouTube Red.
  • Therefore, this particular feature is not officially available in the YouTube app.