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One million iPads were in April 2010, the first month after launch, over the shop counters - in the US alone. The very first version of the tablet computer from Apple thus became a success.

Why do you use the iPad? A few examples: Browsing the Internet, games, listen to music, watch movies, manage contacts, Internet telephony. The iPad replaces the smartphone in some applications. but the tablet computers can take over more and more tasks that you completed to date on the desktop computer. It begins to write in emails and passes image processing to video editing.

Advantages over other devices: The display is much larger than an iPhone, the iPad is much lighter (613 grams) and space-saving (13.4 millimeters thick) than a laptop or even PC. Not only the compactness makes the road good Services: The battery in the iPad 1 holds according to the manufacturer up to 10 hours. Inside a robust storage of 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes size is installed.

the manufacturer uses an Apple A4 chip with 1 gigahertz clock as a processor. The screen size is 9.7 inches with 1024 x 768 pixels.

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch use as an operating system iOS. On the iPad in the first generation you can install the latest version iOS. 5 hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps can be downloaded through the App Store: task manager, chat programs, TV apps, Puzzle games, first person shooters and more.

The iPad 1 provides good services. but is far more attractive successor, the iPad 2: It is much slimmer at 8.8 millimeters thickness. The two cameras in the new model are indeed not very good quality, sufficient for video calling but slack off. The first generation has no camera. Furthermore, the successor shines with a larger memory, more power (dual-core processor) and the Smart Cover function. It facilitates the activation and deactivation.

A potential buyer does not have to think long which generation he wants. The iPad 1 is (at least officially, at Apple) no longer available.


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