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In our series of tutorials on common emerging issues in the use of OpenOffice Writer, we show you how to make some special problems solved in the OpenOffice page numbering. In a first Tutorial How do I add page numbers in OpenOffice? we had already shown how to insert page numbers in an Open Office Writer document, how to change the orientation of the page numbers and how to change the number format.

new start page numbering in Open Office

In this howto will primarily be about how you can start over an existing page numbering in Open Office Writer middle of the document. This is useful, for example, if you made the introduction with Roman numerals and then wants to include the main text in Arabic numerals. For a change of OpenOffice pagination can I change the paragraph style on format sales, after putting the cursor at a point in the text where the page break will take place with a new pagination:

OpenOffice pagination paragraphAbout the Format menu, sales page numbering in Open Office is created

Now in the dialog window, you select the text flow tab and takes the following settings upheavals: Click Insert and With Page Style. Added a page, either before or after the cursor. As a page template is selected default and then enters the number of pages to be re-started. Finally on OK click:

OpenOffice pagination text flowcan influence the OpenOffice page numbering about breaks

start OpenOffice with a higher number of pages

A similar problem arises when I also broken very large documents into various documents, so as each chapter of a book in a separate file store. I add a normal OpenOffice page numbering, then begins each chapter again with the page number 1 on. To begin with a higher number of pages, you go back a manual break, but takes a slightly different way, namely Insert Manual Break (after putting the cursor at the beginning of the document):

OpenOffice pagination manual breakBy inserting a manual breaking, the page numbering may start with a higher number

In the dialog window for the break to choose a page break and as a template standard. Then you click on page number change and sets the appropriate page:

OpenOffice page numbering styleWith a template to define the OpenOffice pagination

This, unfortunately, you have to then change manually each time they change the page numbers of the previous chapter. Therefore, it is recommended that the chapter initially as normal with the page number 1 to make start and set the higher number of pages at the very end when all the previous chapters are really ready. You should also make sure that new page numbers start getting odd because OpenOffice otherwise only prints a blank page. This can, however, disable Print inserted via Writer Printing Miscellaneous-Automatic Blank Pages:

OpenOffice pagination PrintPrint OpenOffice pagination

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