Developers reveals the solution against the Lootboxen madness

In recent months, there is a theme again and again that the entire player base brings up the wall. Lootboxen are for many the actual cause of many games. Including Overwatch and most recently the beta of Star Wars Battlefront 2. A developer now reveals how this Lootboxen could disappear.

Overwatch continues to grow: 

2944Overwatch: Riot Trailer

So-called Lootboxen currently a big issue with the players. The small-game Container of Overwatch, Middle-earth: Shadow of War or shortly Star Wars Battlefront 2 give new content. In the case of the last example, they are even more important to get better in the game. Which is criticized by many. Jason Kingsley, co-founder and CEO of development studio Rebellion, reveals how this supposed madness can end.

Brash Overwatch clone ensures suit

Regardless of the development costs of a game developer and publisher will always try to make money. It's just a business. Developers need to save for their retirement and support a family. If the people out there Lootboxen do not like, then they should simply stop supporting this system by continuing to buy. 

So just ignore Lootboxen seems the best way to get rid of them at some point. If they are not bought, it's not worth it for the developers and publishers to integrate them into play. Until then, we will probably have to wait a bit but still. Currently this is a practice that is spreading to more and more games.


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