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2007 version of Microsoft's successful office suite.

Office 2007 is an office suite from Microsoft and the predecessor of Office 2010 and Office 2013. Office 2007 classic menu structure of the Office program packages by a ribbon, and ribbon was first called, replaces. In these commands are grouped together and these in turn in registers. This results in a faster accessibility of the functions of the Microsoft Office 2007 Downloads. In addition to standard registers, there are also those that are displayed View and context dependent. Another new feature in Office 2007 are the live previews, which show format features as well as templates and designs in real-time preview in a document window.

Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 Download: What else is in the version New

With Office 2007 held with OpenXML an XML-based file format entered the office suite. Another new feature is the compatibility mode, with which documents can be saved in older Office formats.

Note: The Download button takes you directly to the corresponding Microsoft website, from where you can download the full version of Office you of 2007. Note that you this absolutely requires a valid license key.


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